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Go to the profile of Coach Tony
Publisher and Assistant Editor
Coach Tony
Evangelist for great coaches and excellent personal development advice. CEO/Founder of Coach.me. Publisher of Better Humans & Better Programming.
Go to the profile of Niklas Göke
Niklas Göke
I write for dreamers, doers, and unbroken optimists. I’m also working on a book to help you live a balanced life: https://emptyyourcup.substack.com
Go to the profile of Amanda Loudin
Amanda Loudin
Fitness writer, runner, running coach, blogger, @oiselle_team runner, FitFluential ambassador, and mom. Not necessarily in that order.
Go to the profile of Kelly Glass
Kelly Glass
Writer and editor whose interests focus on the intersections of parenting, health, and race. Find me at contentbykelly.com and on Twitter @kellygwriter.
Go to the profile of Susan Kemp
Go to the profile of Alia Hollback
Go to the profile of Casey O'Brien
Casey O'Brien
Journalist and freelance writer based in Berkeley, Calif. Feminist. Spoonie. Dog lover. I write about the environment, healthcare, equity, justice and community
Go to the profile of Urszula Humienik
Urszula Humienik
writer, poet, copy editor, yoga teacher, vegan, wild woman // I write about writing, health and wellness, spirituality
Go to the profile of Nat Eliason
Nat Eliason
Founder of Growth Machine, writer on all things interesting at www.nateliason.com, and co-host of the“Made You Think” podcast.
Go to the profile of Dave Schools
Dave Schools
Cofounder, Hopin. Startup journalist appearing in Inc., CNBC, Axios, Business Insider. Creator of https://mediumwritingcourse.com and Party Qs app.
Go to the profile of Shyamanta (Sam) Baruah
Shyamanta (Sam) Baruah
Employer Branding | Communication | Social Media. Have worked across large corporations, startup and not for profit organization
Go to the profile of Minutes
A column that values your time. Real insight into tech, business, wellness. Actionable advice. Good writing. Read more at https://minutes.co/
Go to the profile of Hailey Lucas
Hailey Lucas
Sales + Marketing Ninja 🤑 Sharing 10X Organic Growth Secrets for Brands & Entrepreneurs. Learn more at haileylucas.com
Go to the profile of Sunni Chapman
Sunni Chapman
Founder of The Salty Olive and creator of the Feast or Famine No More course. Helping business owners get the money, time & freedom they deserve.
Go to the profile of Erin Michaela
Erin Michaela
Website Design, Organic Growth & Community Support For Wellness Leaders. Say hi to your intuition, jump in the pool and do the thing! www.emworkshop.co
Go to the profile of George Wakerley
George Wakerley
Digital Marketer and general commenter on this thing called ‘life’, from Brighton, UK. Say hi on Twitter or Instagram @GeorgeWakerley. I’m always up for a chat!
Go to the profile of Mariah Ruth
Mariah Ruth
You can see my design work and hire me at Papaya-Creative.com. I’m also vegan and passionate about it. Check it out at VegansWillSaveTheWorld.com.
Go to the profile of Roamy.
@RoamyWrites on Twitter. Launching my own business- strategy for entrepreneurs: https://www.quantified.coach/
Go to the profile of Lauren Rogers
Go to the profile of Benten Woodring
Benten Woodring
Art Director by day, freelancer by night. Insights on branding, design, productivity, and business. Contributor: The Startup, Better Marketing.
Go to the profile of Jyssica Schwartz
Jyssica Schwartz
Entrepreneur, writer, editor, book coach, cat lover, weirdo, optimist. Author of “Write. Get Paid. Repeat.” and “You Are Not Alone.” jyssicaschwartz.com
Go to the profile of Yoana Hristova
Yoana Hristova
Journalist|Content Writer & Lecturer. Avid reader & learner. Passionate writer & storyteller who believes that words can change the world.
Go to the profile of Eric Jan Huizer
Eric Jan Huizer
Dutch Translator during the day and Writer in the night who loves reading and writing about entrepreneurship, technology, and marketing.
Go to the profile of Jaylon Ramsay
Go to the profile of Gareth Price
Gareth Price
Trade mark expert and partner at UDL Intellectual Property, writing about all things IP | udl.co.uk
Go to the profile of InsightWhale
Fully remote team of professionals providing Digital Analytics, Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services for clients around the world.
Go to the profile of JC Pratt-Delzenne
JC Pratt-Delzenne
Founder of Saia.ai, JC had worked in advertising & e-commerce before creating Saia. He has a love for blog content, reading and writing every single day.
Go to the profile of The GrowthRocks Team
The GrowthRocks Team
Original stories from our Growth Hacking & Digital Marketing world. For more articles you can visit https://growthrocks.com/blog
Go to the profile of Zulie Rane
Zulie Rane
Lover of writing, mother of cats, drinker of cheap red wine. She/her. Want to make money by writing on Medium? Get my starter kit here: tinyurl.com/y4c43ha7
Go to the profile of Alex Devero
Alex Devero
I'm Founder/CEO of DEVERO Corporation. Entrepreneur, designer, developer. My mission and MTP is to accelerate the development of humankind through technology.
Go to the profile of Alex Carabi
Alex Carabi
Coach & Founder at Kodawari Coaching www.alexcarabi.com and www.kodawari.se
Go to the profile of David Nerehtur
David Nerehtur
Masters of Accounting, Masters of Finance, Bachelor Arts. Have also written 2 books on conversation skills, and 1 fiction book. https://improveconversation.com
Go to the profile of Trevor D.
Go to the profile of Ryan Kucey
Ryan Kucey
Founder of Intro Fuel Marketing [introfuel.com] and Founder & Head Instructor of InfluencerMarketingCourses.com. Connect with me here linkedin.com/in/ryankucey
Go to the profile of Florian Führen
Florian Führen
Story coach – copywriter – novel proofreader. Got my doctorate in Medieval Studies. Now I want to learn about that "present" everyone's talking about.
Go to the profile of Prakhar Verma
Prakhar Verma
Creator at DesignEpicLife.com where I help ambitious people design their epic lives so more people can truly live before they die.
Go to the profile of James Chadwick
James Chadwick
7 years @FB. 4 sons. 2 IPOs. I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.
Go to the profile of Hannah Karanja
Hannah Karanja
In love with online business. Speaker. Blogger. Lifetime optimist.
Go to the profile of Leigh Fatzinger
Leigh Fatzinger
Founder and CEO of Turbine Labs. I write about bootstrapping an AI SaaS company, and how leaders consume and use intelligence. (turbinelabs.com / @turbinelabs)
Go to the profile of Wishpond
The best marketing campaign platform in the world
Go to the profile of Naimeo
Sometimes tomorrow isn’t soon enough. You need a brilliant company name, with an available .com, and you need it today. That’s why we created Naimeo.
Go to the profile of Hyoyon Paik
Hyoyon Paik
A different type of writer for analysis-loving individuals. As a researcher, I love to dig in from the bottom http://hypaik.com/
Go to the profile of Benjamin Hardy, PhD
Benjamin Hardy, PhD
Husband and father of 5 kids. Organizational Psychologist. Download free chapter of Personality Isn’t Permanent here: https://benjaminhardy.com/personality/
Go to the profile of Meadhbh Hendrie
Meadhbh Hendrie
Head of Digital at @sprengthomson (PR, communications business). Married mum of one. Musician. Producer. #digital #identity #journaling #scotland #ireland
Go to the profile of Andrea Susman
Go to the profile of Lauren Pope
Lauren Pope
User-focused content strategist helping clients who make the world better, fairer, more beautiful. Founder of La Pope content consultancy and Curio Conference.
Go to the profile of Aristide Basque
Aristide Basque
Owner of shiftagency.ca
Go to the profile of brett fox
brett fox
I work with startup CEOs to help them grow their businesses . I built several businesses from $0 to >$100M. Learn more at www.brettjfox.com
Go to the profile of William Anderson
William Anderson
Director of Engineering @ Forbes | Technical Leadership | Tech Strategy | Stegosaurus
Go to the profile of Christina Garnett
Christina Garnett
Digital Marketing Strategist and Social Listening Analyst
Go to the profile of Rosie Walsh
Rosie Walsh
✨Musings on marketing✨
Go to the profile of Romeen Sheth
Romeen Sheth
currently leading @MetasysTech. Prev @McKinsey, Fellow @HLS_CLP, Advisor @HarvLawBiz, Editor of Square One. Former @Ravellaw. @Harvard_Law and @DukeU Alum.
Go to the profile of Simone Chérie
Simone Chérie
Tech Optimist & Activist @thesimonecherie everywhere
Go to the profile of Jake Daghe
Jake Daghe
Creative Engineer | Executive Assistant + Navigator at an ATL Non-Profit. | I’m a fan of poetry, popcorn, and collecting movie tickets.
Go to the profile of Stephen Moore
Stephen Moore
Founder, maker, writer & general creative. Get My Free 23 Page PDF Guide — ‘The Startup Checklist’ here 👉 http://eepurl.com/dchj6j
Go to the profile of Spencer Timkey
Spencer Timkey
Using a lifetime of retail experience, I write about small business and digital marketing. Champion of free enterprise. Opinions are my own and probably wrong
Go to the profile of Amber Horsburgh
Amber Horsburgh
Music marketing consultant. Downtown Records & Big Spaceship alumni. Writes about music, strategy and feels at Deep Cuts http://bit.ly/2yphFYx
Go to the profile of Andrew Wallis
Andrew Wallis
Trusted Business Mentor to SME’s. I’m passionate about helping small biz owners generate momentum in their businesses and their lives. http://bit.ly/FMBlue
Go to the profile of Amelia Castellanos
Amelia Castellanos
Vice President of Digital Media + Marketing for Grass Monkey. 🖥 Renown e-Commerce innovation expert with 10+ years experience helping online retailers.
Go to the profile of Diego Pineda
Go to the profile of Shane Black
Shane Black
#1 Family #2 Life #3 Business #4 Money I’ll randomly write about any of the above, so strap yourself in.
Go to the profile of Jon Brosio
Jon Brosio
💻 Freelance Ghost Writer | 🍷 Wine Aficionado | I'll Teach You How To Build a 💰-Making Blog: https://bit.ly/2GuQtgB
Go to the profile of Johnathan Maltby
Johnathan Maltby
A Personal Branding and Career Consultant with extensive experience in helping people transform their careers from ordinary to EPIC.
Go to the profile of Marie Ennis-O'Connor
Marie Ennis-O'Connor
Social Media Consultant. Keynote Speaker. Digital Storyteller. https://hcsmmonitor.com
Go to the profile of The Edge45 Team
The Edge45 Team
(Thoughts about) digital marketing that works. Find us here ➡ https://edge45.co.uk
Go to the profile of Richard Stooker
Richard Stooker
Email copywriter, novelist, sales strategist, unconventional thinker & rebel. Download 5 Gets of Highly Profitable Email Marketing free report: bit.ly/999email
Go to the profile of Brian Pennie
Brian Pennie
Change is possible. I write to show that. Recovered addict | Speaker | Writer | PhD candidate. www.brianpennie.com
Go to the profile of Oji Udezue
Oji Udezue
Decent human being. Proud African. Proud American. VP of Product at Calendly.com. Follow me: @ojiudezue
Go to the profile of Aimée Robinson
Aimée Robinson
Aimée is a British writer, journalist, and digital marketing specialist. She currently resides in Toronto, Ontario.
Go to the profile of Stéphanie Thomson
Stéphanie Thomson
Editor at Google. Former staff writer and commissioning editor at World Economic Forum. All opinions own. www.stephthomson.com
Go to the profile of Ashley Hall
Ashley Hall
Detail-oriented, problem solving, SaaS(y) Director of Customer Success www.linkedin.com/in/ashleymkhall/
Go to the profile of Arun Rafi
Arun Rafi
Lover of Technology. Devourer of Books. Walker of Dogs. Waterer of Plants. Believer in Humans. Taker of Risks. Entrepreneur, Marketer and Doer. Haven’t seen GoT
Go to the profile of Maheen Siddiqi
Maheen Siddiqi
Social Media Marketer, Blogger, and Football enthusiast!
Go to the profile of Katrina Loos
Katrina Loos
Freelance Content and Social Media Writer. Author of “Let’s talk about it.” Loves cats, hiking, and making Vine references.
Go to the profile of Amina Zilic
Amina Zilic
Curious learner and passionate story-teller.
Go to the profile of Tom Stevenson
Tom Stevenson
I like to write. I like to travel. https://www.thetravellingtom.com
Go to the profile of Kyle Gunnels
Kyle Gunnels
pr guy. recovering grad student. master’s degree in media and intl politics from ucd dublin. fan of music, travel and politics.
Go to the profile of Matthew Woodall
Matthew Woodall
I am a writer, a dreamer, deeply interested in the equitable sharing of health, wealth, and well-being of people. https://www.patreon.com/MatthewWoodall
Go to the profile of Maryna Sharapa
Maryna Sharapa
Growth Hacker at OWOX BI
Go to the profile of Himanshu Rauthan
Himanshu Rauthan
Entrepreneur. Co-Founder at MakeWebBetter | BotMyWork | CedCommerce | CedCoss. Writer at Search Engine Watch | E-Commerce and Marketing. 🙂
Go to the profile of Kyros Vogiatzoglou
Kyros Vogiatzoglou
Writing fiction by night, helping businesses grow by day as the Lead Strategist at Malvi. Loving lemon desserts & dragons. Write with your heart.
Go to the profile of Rafael Sarandeses
Rafael Sarandeses
I Help Executives Reinvent Themselves | Executive Search, Executive Coach & Career Fitness Professor | Multipotentialite | in.rafaelsarandeses.com
Go to the profile of Todd Norem
Todd Norem
As Founder and Creative Director for Brand Is Story, Todd helps brands communicate more effectively and grow their audience. Find out more at brandisstory.com
Go to the profile of Kris Gage
Go to the profile of Dan Moore
Dan Moore
Writer. Editor in Chief of P.S. I Love You. Words all over. Newsletter + more of my work: https://www.danmoorewriter.com/
Go to the profile of Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas
Founder of Campfire Labs
Go to the profile of Julia McCoy
Julia McCoy
CEO of @ExpWriters. Creator of The Content Strategy & Marketing Course. Top 30 Content Marketer. Serial entrepreneur. 2x Author. New brand launching May 2019.
Go to the profile of Aparna Ragupathi
Go to the profile of Alli Graham
Alli Graham
Part Princess, part Dragon — all Business. Author of best-seller “Alice and The Dragon and The Quest for Clients”. More information — www.SheRules.Online
Go to the profile of Ryan Fan
Ryan Fan
Believer, Baltimore City special ed teacher, and 2:40 marathon runner. Diehard fan of “The Wire,” God’s gift to the Earth. Emory University Class of 2019.
Go to the profile of Quuu
Quuu offers scheduling and hand-curated content suggestions for social media, giving you more time for other areas of your business.
Go to the profile of Fernanda Graciolli
Fernanda Graciolli
Raising two tiny humans and building Writtio.
Go to the profile of Arthur Gallego
Arthur Gallego
Gallego is the founder of Gallego & Co., a marketing firm specializing in natural food & beverage brands, based in Los Angeles, California. www.gallegoandco.com
Go to the profile of Takoda Patterson
Takoda Patterson
Freelance writer, creator and Published author from Riverside California. Writing my truth and connecting with the world around me.
Go to the profile of Jack Martin
Jack Martin
Published in @FastCompany, @AppleNews | Editorial manager @MinutesMag | Business Development & Partnerships Coordinator @ Digital Press
Go to the profile of ag analytics
ag analytics
We are born data and business scientists working to increase our clients’ commercial success rate through data and analytics. www.aganalytics.dk
Go to the profile of Ric Burnett
Ric Burnett
Have you every woken up one day and thought there had to be more? www.gofindyourhappy.net
Go to the profile of Spencer Sekulin
Spencer Sekulin
Writer | Creator | Student of Life | Contributor for The Startup, Better Marketing, and more. Let’s learn and grow together. https://spencersekulin.net
Go to the profile of Reed Rawlings
Reed Rawlings
I focus on self-regulation — goals, compassion, motivation, focus, stress, and the tools to support them. Reed@mindcafe.co
Go to the profile of Yomi Adegoke
Yomi Adegoke
Journalist. Head honcho at the 'unfriendly black hotties' table and no; you can't sit with us either.
Go to the profile of Aphinya Dechalert
Aphinya Dechalert
Wrapping up a depth year. Writer. Dreamer. Developer. dottedsquirrel.com | YouTube: bit.ly/2kBrdh0
Go to the profile of Barry Davret
Barry Davret
Writer. Ghostwriter. Experimenter in life, productivity and creativity. Contact: barry@barry-davret dot com.
Go to the profile of Tessa Palmer
Tessa Palmer
Life after quitting the rat-race.
Go to the profile of Denys Kravchenko
Denys Kravchenko
CTO at AdCel, Go To-U & Entepreneur at heart
Go to the profile of Andre Sevenius Nilsen
Andre Sevenius Nilsen
Scientist by day, aspiring writer by night. Exploring the human condition 24/7. Futurologist in between. Twitter: @turntwine — Wordpress: sevenius.wordpress.com
Go to the profile of Fab Giovanetti
Fab Giovanetti
Award-Winning Entrepreneur | Author | Consultant || Get My 50+ Content Marketing Hacks 👉 http://bit.ly/fabcontenthacks
Go to the profile of Dan Pantelo
Dan Pantelo
Founder at Marpipe (applying AI & data science to creative) and Pantelo Group (full stack social advertising shop). Solving problems in venture marketing.
Go to the profile of Oskar Kocol
Oskar Kocol
Data Scientist with a passion for journalism and non-fiction filmmaking. Shoot me an email at contact@oskiproductions.com
Go to the profile of Lil Manibo
Lil Manibo
Writer | Editor | Teacher | Digital Marketer | Coffee Addict | Dream Chaser
Go to the profile of Will Chou
Will Chou
I help people achieve their big dreams around wealth, happiness, and relationships at https://willyoulaugh.com
Go to the profile of Ady
Still developing this space to fit what describes me best.
Go to the profile of Victoria Zelvin
Victoria Zelvin
Freelance and speculative fiction writer, as well as a lifelong book, video game, and movie hoarder. www.victoriazelvin.com
Go to the profile of Melody Wilding, LMSW
Melody Wilding, LMSW
Executive coach for sensitive high-achievers. Professor. Get your free copy of The 5-Minute Inner Critic Makeover: melodywilding.com/guide
Go to the profile of Justin R. Evans
Justin R. Evans
I help businesses create a culture that people actually like. https://justinrevans.com/Culture-multiplier
Go to the profile of Saar Berkovich
Saar Berkovich
Software Engineer, fascinated by all things technology; passionate about video games, music, science, traveling, and building stuff.
Go to the profile of Andrei Tapalaga ✒️
Andrei Tapalaga ✒️
High interest in psychology, history, business studies and unique mind sets. Love to write and even more to read. atapalaga97@gmail.com /University of Surrey
Go to the profile of Nicole Shephard
Nicole Shephard
Feminist researcher, writer & consultant | PhD LSE Gender | gender and technology | diversity and inclusion| intersectionality and data.
Go to the profile of Jun Wu
Jun Wu
Single Mom Writer, Technologist, Poet: Tech, AI, Data Science, Leadership, Parenting, Find Me: https://junwuwriter.com, seen in (Forbes, WTTJ, etc..)
Go to the profile of Erik Brown
Erik Brown
Work out fanatic, martial artist, student, MBA, and connoisseur of useless information. CantWriteToSaveMyLife@yahoo.com
Go to the profile of Francesca McDavid
Francesca McDavid
Creative Entrepreneur | Remote Working | Mom | Wife | Trainer in Consumer Psychology | 100% Jamaican
Go to the profile of Cynthia Marinakos
Cynthia Marinakos
Copywriter. Contributer: The Mission, The Ascent, The Startup, Better Marketing. Beat perfectionism and be a productive writer>> https://upscri.be/5c0516/
Go to the profile of Darren Matthews
Darren Matthews
I’m a passionate writer who normally finds angst within the world of leadership and strategy. All framed within subjects such as business, politics and writing.
Go to the profile of Zita Fontaine
Zita Fontaine
Writer. Dreamer. In love with words. Becoming the best version of myself one word at a time. I write about love and life. zita.substack.com
Go to the profile of Matt Sandrini
Matt Sandrini
⭐ Leadership Coach working with 7 figure founders⭐ Take my FREE 7-day productivity course at busytoproductive.com
Go to the profile of Bekah McDonald
Bekah McDonald
Front End Developer at Taylor / Thomas
Go to the profile of Ish Baid
Ish Baid
Founder of Virtually. Former Engineer @ Facebook. Enabling creators to build live online experiences. (https://vrtlly.me/build) 🚀📈
Go to the profile of Paul Amat
Go to the profile of Or Rozenberg
Or Rozenberg
Content manager, writer & thinker. My Website: https://orrezz.wixsite.com/home
Go to the profile of Jessica Barnaby
Jessica Barnaby
Writer | Artist | Business Strategy & Marketing 🧩 I solve puzzles and build businesses with words🏆 hellojessbee@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Donna Griffit
Donna Griffit
Storyteller and Pitch Alchemist for Startups who over 15 years has helped hundreds of startups and VC's around the world raise hundreds of millions of dollars
Go to the profile of Arianne Flemming
Arianne Flemming
Number-nerd fascinated with the future of work. MD @interchain_io building @Cosmos. Previous: @Tendermint, @Watrhub, ML @CDL, MFin @Princeton.
Go to the profile of Emma Birch
Emma Birch
I am a product designer at Deloitte Digital, passionate about human centred design, UX methodologies and how the advancements in tech will impact society.
Go to the profile of Gilad Almosnino
Gilad Almosnino
I help transforms todays leading software and services into awesome more inclusive multilingual user experiences www.linkedin.com/in/g-alm/
Go to the profile of Darcy Reeder
Darcy Reeder
Empathy for the win! Top Writer— Essays on Feminism, Culture, Relationships, Sexuality, Veganism, Politics, and Parenting. She/Her/They darcyreeder.substack.com
Go to the profile of Shannon Page
Shannon Page
Writer, editor, thinker of things, living on Orcas Island, Washington state. https://www.shannonpage.net
Go to the profile of Only Winners Last
Only Winners Last
Misha Burich - An Entreprenur & Business Advisor with over 15 years of priceless wisdom to share. Instagram: @onlywinnerslast YouTube: only winners last
Go to the profile of Divad Sanders
Divad Sanders
Everyone is a brand. Leverage that into something great. Download my free ebook — https://www.therebelkulture.com/free-download
Go to the profile of Sarah Healy
Sarah Healy
A multidisciplinary designer, storyteller, and adventuress with a penchant for endurance feats and exploring blank spots on the map. sarahhealy.net/
Go to the profile of Kyle Nielson
Kyle Nielson
Communication strategist, author, philosopher • https://www.kylenielson.com/
Go to the profile of Joshua Dopkowski
Joshua Dopkowski
Expat writer teaching business in France. www.joshuadopkowski.com
Go to the profile of Franco dei Liberi
Franco dei Liberi
Go to the profile of Oren Cohen
Oren Cohen
Gamer, Knight-Radiant, Blogger, Software Developer, Writer. He/Him. email me: oren@orenwrites.com Visit me: https://orencohenofficial.com
Go to the profile of Sheryl Garratt
Sheryl Garratt
Writer; editor; coach, supporting creatives to step up and do their best work — and get paid for it! Find me at www.thecreativelife.net
Go to the profile of Michael Deane
Michael Deane
Marketer and small business owner by day, NFL fan and troubled sleeper at night.
Go to the profile of Yaro
Founder at Efoma — Personify brands with virtual characters (https://www.efoma.io)
Go to the profile of Lon Baker
Lon Baker
COO at VirtualPBX, Former Co-Founder of MailTank and Avid Cyclist
Go to the profile of Cherry Rose
Go to the profile of Jules Dixon
Jules Dixon
Writing about menopause, raising millennials, marginalized populations, martinis, and making the world a better place.
Go to the profile of Phillip Stutts
Phillip Stutts
Founder/CEO: Win Big Media | Founder/Chairman: Go Big Media | Keynote Speaker: Keppler Speakers | Author: “Fire Them Now: The 7 Lies Digital Marketers Sell…”
Go to the profile of Kitiara Pascoe
Kitiara Pascoe
Writer and Founder of The Literary Lifeboat | Content Writer | Author of In Bed with the Atlantic | kitiarapascoe.com + theliterarylifeboat.co.uk
Go to the profile of Tolulope Alabi
Tolulope Alabi
Writer| Just a regular-degular girl working on figuring out life one day at a time| Contact: lopealabi@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Aaron Levy
Aaron Levy
Author | Speaker | Founder & CEO of Raise The Bar
Go to the profile of Daniela Petruzalek
Daniela Petruzalek
Software Engineer @gocardless Data Infrastructure Team, Google Developer Expert: Go & GCP, speaker, blogger, aspiring engineering manager and cat lover =^.^=
Go to the profile of Dan Ortiz
Dan Ortiz
Former Director, Global Innovation @ Think Jam. Digital Marketer w/15+ years of entertainment industry experience.
Go to the profile of Robert Koshinskie
Robert Koshinskie
Writer, Analyst, Informant.
Go to the profile of Corey McComb
Corey McComb
I write about (re)connecting, getting creative, and staying human in the new world🦄 https://www.coreymccomb.com/newsletter
Go to the profile of Josh S. Rose
Josh S. Rose
Creative Director/Photographer. email: joshsrose@me.com
Go to the profile of Helen Rivero
Helen Rivero
I sit between the artistic & therapeutic spheres. I sing and write about living with soul. I wish I could write fiction.
Go to the profile of Tom Edwards
Tom Edwards
Passionate about #SocialMedia #Marketing and always eager to connect with other marketers and creative individuals.
Go to the profile of Papa
Kenyan/British Afro Soul Artist & Writer. www.soundcloud.com/papajams
Go to the profile of Kris Roley
Kris Roley
Autism Dad, Multimedia Producer, Podcaster. http://krisroley.com
Go to the profile of Desiree Driesenaar
Desiree Driesenaar
Writing about innovation inspired by nature and modern science. Think in systems. Make people and planet thrive! https://www.linkedin.com/in/desireedriesenaar
Go to the profile of Alex M H Smith
Alex M H Smith
Strategist writing on the nature of complex systems in philosophy, business, and football. Founder of www.basicarts.org.
Go to the profile of Tabitha Whiting
Tabitha Whiting
Ramblings on communication and our climate crisis🌱
Go to the profile of Max Woods
Max Woods
Gay. 22. Post-grad Psychology student and Education Studies graduate. Works in support roles.
Go to the profile of Joseph Heath
Go to the profile of Glenn Geffcken
Glenn Geffcken
Author, blogger and brand strategist with a focus on authenticity, culture and transformation. Partner at https://4DirectionsBranding.com/
Go to the profile of Tae Haahr
Tae Haahr
Tae is a writer, podcaster and marketer who loves all things historical, paranormal and crime-related. You can find her @taehaahr or www.realadulting.xyz
Go to the profile of Justin Lake
Justin Lake
I’m a guy who, thanks to the internet and a keyboard, can write about technology, cars, and other sundry topics I find interesting.
Go to the profile of Hilary Corna
Hilary Corna
Founder of the Human Processes Continuum, author of the bestselling novel One White Face, and Former Senior Executive Officer of Toyota Asia
Go to the profile of Susan Kemp
Go to the profile of Lies Timmering
Lies Timmering
Lies is the social media fanatic of Dutch #startup Embrosa. She lives in Washington DC, drinks too much coffee, loves to write, and is never short of words…
Go to the profile of Shifa Martin
Shifa Martin
Thanks for stopping by! I am a passionate blogger and IT sourcing analyst with ValueCoders.com. Have 14 years of successful experience in the software industry.
Go to the profile of Dawid Pacholczyk
Dawid Pacholczyk
Product manager, inventor, AR researcher. I want to create things. I want to change the world
Go to the profile of Gwenna Laithland
Gwenna Laithland
Gwenna Laithland is an independent journalist, humorist, author, and work-at-home mom of 3. Top Writer.
Go to the profile of Burhan Bavkır
Burhan Bavkır
I have been a freelance developer for over ten years now and have worked on a variety of platforms and languages.
Go to the profile of Steve Haase
Steve Haase
15+ years experience Corporate Finance & Strategy | 5+years small business owner | BBA — Finance & MBA | https://www.themodernbeancounter.com/
Go to the profile of Yuan Yue
Yuan Yue
Writing before dawn. Filmmaking during the day. A funny dad.
Go to the profile of Jungwon Lee
Jungwon Lee
@Pandora music — Audience Data Operations. Third Culture Kid. New Yorker. Passionate about Music and Writing
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Leo Serafico
BA in Diplomacy┃ Writer ┃ Editor┃ Existentialist
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Reza Jafery
Blockchain Lead @ Akoin / Blockchain Consultant @PwC / Partner @BMA / Obsessed with decentralized economies and blockchain as a whole: reza@bma.la
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Holly Bodner
Founder, TwoReasons Media
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Ashwini Dodani
Poetry. Films. Top 100 — Digital Marketing 2019. Creative Strategist. Poetry Book — Savoir Faire: Do the WRITE thing | Instagram: @ashwinidodani
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Elijah Corless
Writer. Learner. Marketer. Creator. I coach creative professionals how to 10X their content output and get their ideas in the world as reality.
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August Birch
Author, Marketer, Email Expert, Entrepreneur | Enroll in My FREE Tribe 1K Email Masterclass for Indies : bookmechanicmedia.com/your-first-1000-subscribers/
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Atanas Shorgov
Writing about Growth, Failures, Marketing, Money, Technology, and Other Interesting Stuff.
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Shannon Hennig
Writer & entrepreneur. Productivity, work, mindfulness and motherhood. Subscribe for tips & tools. bit.ly/2Lj4DoY
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Start Design
Defining Experiences. Defining Brands. www.startdesign.com
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Todd Lincoln, MBA
Husband and aspiring father. Entrepreneur. Stock market investor. Always thinking, analyzing, and philosophizing. Connect: ToddLincoln34@gmail.com
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pascal fiedler
Brand Strategist | Creator of the Pseudo-Product Concept | Co-founder of www.charlesandcharlotte.com
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Josh Right
Writing to help inspire others, create and change peoples experience with digital success. Writer for multiple publications!
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Writer of all things global macro, markets & financial freedom
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M. K. Fain
M. K. is a feminist writer with a background in grassroots activism and psychology. http://marykatefain.com Support on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/mkfain
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Anne Chisom
Writing on whatever strikes my mood, from politics to humor (or a combination of the two), to spirituality, or whatever else shows up. Retired, not in retreat.
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Ilya Galushin
Expert in visual communications, presentations and startup pitch decks. Founder of Presium — global design consultancy studio https://en.presium.pro
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Sarah L. Bromley
Writing about the questions I wish I had the answers to. Economics graduate based in Mexico. Contact me: sarahlbromley@protonmail.com
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Beth Kirkbride
Founder/Editor of entertainment outlet The Indiependent. Eyeliner fanatic, prolific consumer of salt and vinegar crisps, incessant Tweeter: @BettyKirkers
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Emma Moran
Exploring the intersection of psychology, human behavior, strategy, and design. https://www.sprintwell.com/
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Daisy Quaker
Digital content marketing freelancer. Seeking health and wellness startups/brands. Reach me: http://bit.ly/hiredq How I’m building my biz: http://bit.ly/flncg
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David O.
Helping entrepreneurs make more sales while doing less selling → linkedin.com/in/davidolarinoye. My weird opinions at RedPillZone
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Luca Tagliaferro
Senior digital marketing specialist at Future Fit Training. I write about digital marketing, SEO, customer acquisition, UX and CRO. www.lucatagliaferro.com
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Gisella Tan
Gisella Tan writes about her embarrassing Gen Z misadventures. gisellatan.com
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Taylor Linn
Marketer + Artist + Meerkat ~ Based in San Francisco, CA ~ Get small bites of curated content to your inbox every Monday: http://taylorlinn.com/cosmic-content
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Shamontiel L. Vaughn
14-year journalist; freelance writer/editor (Upwork); Wag! dog walker; Rover dog sitter; Toastmasters VPPR & member; cohost of Do Not Submit; Shamontiel.com
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#Data #Engineer, Strategy Development Consultant and All Around Data Guy #deeplearning #machinelearning #datascience #tech #management http://bit.ly/2uKsTVw
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Aleshia S. Patterson, MA
Writer and marketer. I believe combining social media with storytelling creates magic.
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Sergey Faldin
I write for people who want to be the best versions of themselves. Author | Blogger | Entrepreneur | Marketer