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Niklas Göke
Aug 24 · 2 min read
Photo by Arthur Yeti on Unsplash

A column is one of mankind’s oldest structures. For millennia, we have used them to build things. Pillars made of stone, sturdy enough to carry the heaviest of weights.

And though each column can stand as its own monument, if you combine a bunch of them, you’re really starting to build for the sky. The best columns are part of something larger.

At Better Marketing, we want our columns to serve the mission of making you a better marketer. Each one has its own vertical and can stand on its own. But you can also read a combination of them to deepen your expertise in a variety of areas.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll become a master at the intersection of those things.

To start, we’ve already launched four columns to help you lead, live, and market better:

Over the next weeks and months, we hope to launch many more columns to help you succeed. You’ll find all of them here.

And if you want your own? Then start writing for us, and let’s talk.

We’re building for the sky, after all. Let’s do it together. We’ll need all the columns we can get.

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