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Niklas Göke
Aug 24, 2019 · 3 min read
Photo by Arthur Yeti on Unsplash

A column is one of mankind’s oldest structures. For millennia, we have used them to build things. Pillars made of stone, sturdy enough to carry the heaviest of weights.

And though each column can stand as its own monument, if you combine a bunch of them, you’re really starting to build for the sky. The best columns are part of something larger.

At Better Marketing, we want our columns to serve the mission of making you a better marketer. Each one has its own vertical and can stand on its own. But you can also read a combination of them to deepen your expertise in a variety of areas.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll become a master at the intersection of those things.

To start, we’ve already launched four columns to help you brand, write, and market better:

  • Wise Words is a weekly column by Stephen Moore full of cut and dry, no-BS writing advice that’ll get your head straight and help you master the world of words.
  • Creating at Home by Thomas Smith is a weekly column that helps creators stay productive in the comfort of their own home, be it due to isolation, quarantine, or remote work.
  • Headline Hacks is a weekly column by Cynthia Marinakos dissecting what makes and breaks great titles so you can reach more people with your art and products.
  • Face, Book, Marketing by Puspanjalee Dutta is a weekly column on how to use Facebook to organically promote your book.
  • Retention Roundup by Atanas Shorgov is a bi-weekly column of the best tactics to keep your customers and users coming back again and again.
  • Worth It is a column by Fab Giovanetti helping you decide which social media platforms to focus on based on what kind of business you run.
  • TikTok Tactics is a bi-weekly column by Sinem Günel on what it takes to succeed on TikTok, the short-form video platform the next generation loves.
  • The 2020 Video Challenge is an attempt by prolific creator Thomas Smith to make and release 2,020 videos in 2020. Follow along as he documents his results to learn what works on Youtube today.
  • Twitter Teardowns is a weekly column by Zulie Rane breaking down what the best Twitter accounts on the web are doing to succeed.
  • Role Models is a weekly column by Zita Fontaine explaining why the world’s most successful personal brands do what they do to thrive.
  • Business Blunders is a weekly column by Leo Saini on why great brands fail in new environments — and what you can do to make sure yours does not.

Over the next weeks and months, we hope to launch many more columns to help you succeed. You’ll find all of them here.

And if you want your own? Then start writing for us, and let’s talk.

We’re building for the sky, after all. Let’s do it together. We’ll need all the columns we can get.

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