How I Managed to Get 325K Views on Quora in Only 3 Months

Spaces should now be a key part of your Quora strategy

Andrei Tapalaga ✒️
Jan 17 · 5 min read
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I started using Quora about four months ago with the purpose of promoting my Medium content, and especially the content published in my publication. I’ve seen that Quora is not only a more professional platform, but it’s also filled with people that are hungry for new knowledge and that are enthusiastic to share their own knowledge with others.

A big enough part of my success does come from Quora as it has pushed my content to a larger audience.

In this article, I’ll break down how I’ve managed to gain over 325,000 views in only three months and how I actively manage over 100,000 views monthly.

Breaking Down the Statistics

So let’s look at the statistics offered by Quora and how my view count has fluctuated over a three month period.

My own Quora stats

For some of you these numbers may not seem so big, but for me (a person that has never gone viral), it’s quite the wow factor. The first thing that I would like to point out is that a post on Quora has a longer lifespan than most other platforms. What I mean by lifespan is the period of time that a post produces views or grabs the attention of other users.

The lifespan of posts on Quora is averaged at a whole week with a 30% drop in views during the weekend. This is what can be seen from my stats as well. If you look closely, at the start of November you can see a pattern for the first three weeks.

As you can see, the posts start to generate views on Monday. As the week progresses, the views keep going up, but as the week comes to an end, the views drop around 50%. It’s imperative to mention that this was a period of time where I was posting on a strict schedule.

I should also mention that these views don’t take into consideration the views I get from my answers but only the views from posts that I share across Quora.

Near the end of December, you’ll see there’s quite a gap. This is because (for unknown reasons) Quora blocked my ability to post articles from Medium. In four days, the problem was sorted and I was able to get back to posting Medium articles. It’s imperative to mention that most of these views do come from Medium content, but not only my own as I share all the articles published in my publication, History of Yesterday.

How Do I Generate So Many Views?

The first step is to understand the way the platform works. It’s not that difficult to go viral on Quora. The secret is to share the right content to the right audience who will reshare your post on other spaces and platforms.

Spaces are what actually brought me up to so many views. When I began on Quora, I was a user with two followers, and I got lost in the vast size of the platform. I needed to get my content seen by many people but I didn’t have time to build an audience. So I found the right space for my content, World History, which is followed by over 280k active users.

However, I was not able to submit my content straight away as it had to be accepted by the moderators.

I saw a great opportunity to really raise my Medium content’s viewership with this space, and so I worked hard by sharing different Quora posts and answering questions to become a contributor to the space. This brought me a step closer to becoming a moderator.

With more work, I managed to become a moderator myself. This allowed me to post whatever content I wanted (with discretion) whilst respecting the rules and guidelines of the space. With a highly active role of moderating and posting content, the owner of the space decided to make me the admin.

This offered me more control as I was able to coordinate my Medium content in a more efficient manner. I was able to generate even more views by posting the content at a time when the traffic was high, and I allowed the reposting/resharing of the post to other spaces with a high interest in that certain topic.

How You Can Achieve the Same Success

Once you understand the way Quora works as a platform, all you have to do is find the right spaces that will allow you to share your content based on what you’re writing about.

This will not happen instantly, and as I mentioned before, it takes a bit of dedication and consistency by frequently interacting with the platform. You do this by answering questions based on your knowledge to grow a reputation. The reputation you grow on Quora is important and is used as credentials based on the content you share.

To put it in simpler terms, the bigger you are, the more upvotes and shares you will receive, therefore the quicker your growth. This is also about developing your productivity, and most importantly surpassing those limitations that stop you from being more productive.

Let’s not forget that we’re looking at things from a marketing perspective. Therefore, you’re not only trying to promote your work, but also grow a more pristine virtual footprint that will be the key to entering most careers in the near future.

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