How To Get 1,000+ Organic Twitter Followers From Scratch

I went from 30 to 3,000+ in less than 60 days — and so can you

John Au-Yeung
Nov 18 · 8 min read
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Twitter is a big social media platform with millions and millions of subscribers. As of 2019, there are 262 million Twitter users outside the United States and 68 million users in the United States alone. This is a massive audience you can tap into to engage with your potential audience. It’s also an easy platform to get a following on since there’s pretty much only one way to get followers on Twitter, at least at the beginning.

In this article, we will look at how to use Twitter and how to build your following if you have nothing to begin with. It took me less than two months to get from around 35 followers to more than 3,000 followers. The results of my work in the last one and a half months are in the screenshot below:

Getting Started With Twitter

Getting started with Twitter is easy. Just go to and sign up for an account by following the instructions. After that, the mobile apps for phones and tablets will also come in handy. Download them so you can build your following while on the road. The desktop website will be handy when you want to manage who you’re following, which we need to do if we want to increase our follower count. We can download the Android app from the Google Play Store and the iOS app from the iOS App Store. Once you download the mobile apps, sign in so you don’t have to remember your password. It’s probably a good idea to protect your phone with a passcode so that unauthorized people can’t mess with your account when they have your phone.

There are a few ways to use Twitter. We can tweet, which is creating short messages that are 280 characters or less. Once they’re tweeted, they can only be deleted. They can’t be edited like in most social media platforms. In tweets, we can use hashtags to tag our posts. Also, we can address other Twitter users by using the @ sign in front of the Twitter user name. We can post videos and animated GIFs as tweets on Twitter, and emoticons can also be added to tweets.

Another handy feature that Twitter offers is the ability to add polls. You can create a tweet with a multiple-choice question that can have up to four choices. A poll can last as long as the time you specify.

All of these things are available when you click the Tweet button on the left of the desktop web app or the mobile app.

You can look at the tweets from the people you’re following with the Home link or the link with the Twitter icon on the top left on the web app. On the mobile app, it’s located on a menu instead of showing on the left pane. On the Home page, you can click on the Retweet button (the button with the arrows on the tweet) or on the Like button (which has the heart icon) to like a post. Retweets will resend a post from other people under your name, and likes show that you like reading the post.

We can also send messages directly and privately to other users via the Messages section, bookmark tweets using the Bookmarks section, and create lists of Twitter users via the Lists section. The Search icon comes in handy if you want to find like-minded people or their tweets.

Notifications will show the activity on your account, including likes and retweets of your posts from other people and the people who follow you. It also shows posts that mention you and likes to the replies to your posts.

Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

How To Get Your Twitter Account off the Ground

Now that we got the basics out of the way, we have to get some followers. Why do we have to get followers? We have to get followers because your tweets will show up on your followers’ feeds, i.e., what they see on their home page. When they see them, they can react by replying, liking, or retweeting. This means that most of your engagement will come from your account’s followers. Therefore, getting followers is 100% your first priority.

Without followers, you will have no engagement and nobody will be reading your tweets. Your tweets will go straight into the trash. Your posts won’t show up anywhere, and you won’t get any traffic to them. Also, if you have any links that you want people to click on, no one will click on them. Without followers, you’re wasting your time tweeting, and you might as well not have a Twitter account since it’s completely useless.

How do we get followers? There’s only one way at the beginning. We have to follow like-minded people. Pick a niche to tweet about and then follow like-minded people. We have to pick a niche because there’s no way we know everything. It’s much easier to focus on a niche since you only have to know that niche. Pick something that you’re interested in and tweet about it, and then follow people who have interests similar to what you’re tweeting about. For example, if you’re tweeting about programming, then follow people who would like to know more about programming or who are programmers themselves. That way, you know that the people who follow will actually be interested in what you’re tweeting and will be more likely to follow back.

Another thing to note when choosing who to follow is their Following and Follower counts. You want to follow people who have a lower number of followers so that they actually notice that you followed them. Accounts that have lots of followers will have lots of activity in their Notifications section, so the event where you followed them will be buried quickly. This means that Twitter accounts with high followers probably won’t follow you back since they don’t know that you followed them in the first place. There’re many blogs that suggest following and engaging with Twitter influencers (Twitter users that have a big following) which doesn’t make sense since they won’t know you exist and the replies, likes, and retweets to their tweets will likely be the same. Therefore, you likely won’t get followers by following influencers.

Also, check their Following number when you’re picking people to follow. Pick people who have a Following number at least as big as their Follower number so that you know they like to follow people. That means that it’s more likely that they will follow you back when you follow them. This is critical since you don’t want to waste time following people who likely won’t follow you back. You can follow 400 people a day and up to 5,000 if you have a lower number of followers.

Whether you have a low number of followers is determined by Twitter on an account-by-account basis, so you don’t want to follow too many people with a high Follower count and low Following count because you will get nowhere. You will have wasted your time and your following quota on people who won’t follow you back.

If you follow people who have a high Following count and low Follower count, and they don’t have many followers and tweet stuff only once in a while, you should get some people following back. Now you can tweet more and you should see some likes, replies, or retweets to your own tweets. For example, the people I follow have stats like those below, and they’re from all over the world:

From my experience, after getting around 100 followers, I saw some likes to my original tweets. Also, you might notice that your Messages section might be getting some spam. This is a good sign since this means people are noticing you, but unfortunately, that includes spammers. However, you can easily mute those conversations by clicking the i icon on the top right.

While you’re following people, you should be tweeting and updating your profile with your picture and a short description to increase the chance that you’ll get people following you back.

To avoid exceeding the quota for following people, you have to unfollow people who didn’t follow you back after a few days and also people that followed you but didn’t have much engagement with you.

We can use a tool to do this, but pretty much all of them are paid. Also, since they’re automated, we risk getting banned for automated unfollowing since it might happen too fast. The better way is to do this manually since it’s free and it won’t be so fast that it raises suspicion. To unfollow people manually, go to your Profile page by clicking on the Profile link and click on the Following number on the left. Then you’ll see the list of people that you’re following.

Unfollow dialog box. You need to click Unfollow to lower your following count.

To do this more efficiently, we can use the desktop app and then use both the keyboard and mouse to help you do the unfollowing faster. Use the mouse to click on the blue Following button and then press Enter on your keyboard instead of clicking the Unfollow button with your mouse. Pressing Enter will do the same thing as clicking the Unfollow button.

If you want to cancel, press the Esc button instead of clicking the Cancel button. With this trick, you can reduce the Following count quickly without paying a dime. You can do it faster than by clicking the mouse, and it’s still done in human speed, so it won’t raise any red flags.

After tweeting, following, and unfollowing people who don’t follow back, you have an account that’s alive. That’s it. You have a following and you’re engaging with them. I’ve had a Twitter account since I signed on in 2012. It sat for seven years until I started building my following in the latter part of 2019. It took me less than two months to get from around 35 followers to more than 3,000 followers with what I described above. If I did this without spending a dime, you can do it too.

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