How to Get More Eyes on Your Work and Off the News

Because no one really cares about blogs right now

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know there’s some serious shit going on in the world right now. Everyone has been fixated on the news and rightfully so. It’s nothing to be taken lightly and we should be paying attention.

However, because of all this, no one is heading over to your site to find out “How to be Happy in 5 Simple Steps.” They don’t really care about that right now.

We’re all just waiting for this whole fiasco to end.

Traffic to websites is down right across the board unless your site sells toilet paper or you’re an online doctor.

I pity anyone in the travel industry right now. Oy. Sorry, my heart goes out to you.

In most of the Facebook business/blogging groups I belong to the most common question right now is:

“Is everyone else’s traffic down right now?” And the answer is always a resounding “YES.”

People want to know what to do. How do we fix this? Everyone is looking for a magic traffic-driving wand that doesn’t really exist (or does it?).

Most experienced bloggers say the same thing: work on editing old blogs, create a new digital product, make fresh pins, take an SEO course, etc. All good advice and all things we should be doing anyway, but that doesn’t solve the problem at hand, which is declining traffic.

My Wheels Are Turning Fast

While I’m no blogging/online entrepreneur expert, I do know a little bit about a lot of things. I have been doing the work that the experts advised us to do, but I can’t stop thinking that there must be some way to get more traffic to my sites.

I have two sites.

One I just started about three months ago (because I have so much free time on my hands — not) which is a lifestyle site and my personal development site. The latter gets decent traffic but, yes, it has been declining this past month.

The new site I’m feverishly working on to grow my traffic. God help me.

The whole time I’m working, my mind is like a hamster on a wheel running around in circles trying to figure out a solution to this problem.

And then something dawned on me. Actually, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

What I Learned a Long Time Ago

When I first started on this online journey, I read something that stuck with me forever.

People need to be told what to do.

And it’s not because people are stupid — we just need direction. We need order and rules. When we give them a clear call to action, they’re more likely to follow it. It’s just the way it works.

Now I have a pretty popular Facebook page and Pinterest account, but I normally just schedule/post a blog or a quote and forget it. I do Lives over on my Facebook page once a week but they are mostly just inspirational talks.

Though my Facebook page has over 640K followers, engagement is low but it’s still there. But I realized I needed to go an extra step to engage with them. Be seen. Get them to pay attention to me!

Take to Your Social Media Accounts

You’ve probably noticed by now that most people on social media are following the news and the “V” word. They aren’t following you unless you have extra toilet paper to sell.

Now if you do have a nice following you have to keep in mind that they don’t realize this “V” thing is hurting your business too. No one really cares anyway, right?


People do care more than you think or realize.

You need to take the time to be more proactive on your social media accounts with your peeps. They have no idea your business is suffering.

The funny thing is this. People think that just because everyone is home being quarantined that more of us are online surfing the web and reading more blogs.

Newsflash. They’re on there alright, but they’re either watching the latest Netflix series or the news. They’re definitely not searching for interesting blogs to read.

Cue the call to action.

Tell Them What to Do

It’s time to dig out the call to action magic wand and talk to your people. Tell them what to do!

Let them know you’re still alive and well and engage with them. Here’s what I’ve been doing, and so far, it’s been working.

I suggest you try something similar and watch what happens (you can thank me later).

Now, whenever I post a blog on my page I add a comment that reads something like this:

“Can I ask a small favour of you please? Due to the recent outbreak in the world, businesses are suffering, including the online/blogging industry. If you could please just take a few minutes to click on my link and read the blog that would help me tremendously. It costs nothing for you to do that and it will help me stay in business. If you feel called to share my work that would be fantastic too! Sharing is definitely caring.”

Short, sweet, and to the point. I told them what to do and they did it.

I post this status on my Facebook business page once a day with links to my sites, and over on my personal page I’ll add it to my update each time I share a blog.

Over on Twitter, I’ll now post the same blog about five times a day. Remember Twitter is like a bunch of squirrels on acid with an attention span of about three seconds.

Tweet often and give them a clear call to action. Click the link! Please help!

Whichever social media platform is working for you, talk to your followers. Let them know what’s going on. Tell them to click your link, read your stuff, share your work, whatever!

You tell them to do whatever the hell you want them to do and chances are they will do it.

Remember our fans and followers are human. Talk to them like that. Be personable. Be sincere, but be direct!

Little Trick for Travel Bloggers!

I’m so sorry this is happening to you right now. It’s important to be creative and imaginative during this time.

Instead of writing about the next travel locale, why not write up a bucket list of places to see? Or maybe even what it’s like to be a solo female traveler or traveling with kids. No one is going anywhere anytime soon, but you can at least give them some fun tips about other travel topics.

Regardless of the fact that travel is almost non-existent now, it will happen again in the future. Trust me. Get your readers ready for their next trip! They can bookmark/save your blog and revert back to it when it’s time!

Stay on Top of Things

While my traffic hasn’t soared because of this trick, it’s not declining nearly as bad as others. It’s remaining steady now with only teeny dips. I’ll take that.

So many have seen dips of up to 50% or more. Now more than ever it’s important to get your work in front of people. There will come a time where they will get sick of reading the news (here’s to hoping) and will want to read other stuff.

But for now, we pretty much have to put it right in front of their eyes with a big neon sign (your call to action) that says: READ ME!

And they will.

I know this whole thing is very frustrating right now. For all of us. Stay consistent in your call to action. Keep talking and engaging with your peeps, and stay optimistic.

In the meantime, work on editing old blogs, create a new digital product, learn SEO, make fresh pins…you get the idea.

It’s easy to become so disheartened with your blogging/online business right now but hang tight.

This too shall pass.

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