How To Get More Hits on Your LinkedIn Profile

Posting multiple times a day only works when you’re already famous

David O.
David O.
Oct 17 · 3 min read
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LinkedIn has gotten a new wave of hype in recent times. The platform had its algorithm tweaked to encourage more upcoming leaders on the platform. The organic reach of the platform is right now much more than most of the other social media platforms.

The hype went on to a new level when Gary Vaynerchuk started encouraging entrepreneurs and business owners to post content on LinkedIn. He compared the current state of the platform to Facebook and Instagram before they became very saturated.

While there are lots of people trying to build an audience on LinkedIn, most people just want to network and build business connections. For example, I am not on LinkedIn to build an audience. I am there to network. Since there are lots of people trying to build an audience, it is much easier to network.

The goal is to get people to connect with you. But before they can do that, they must want to. They can only want to when they know who you are. They know who you are by your profile summary. But they don’t check your profile without you giving them a reason to.

There are two areas you must pay attention to for your profile to get the hits you want. The first area is your headline.

Your headline must give people a reason to view your profile. And you can achieve that in three ways:

1. Call Out Who You Serve

This strategy is the simplest and most profound. I once saw a profile that began with “For copywriters … ” Of course, I had to check the profile. As a copywriter, I want to know what that person has for me.

Imagine you are a fiction writer and you see a profile that says, “For fiction writers … ” Or you are a small business owner and you find a profile that says, “For small business owners … ”

This is the first strategy.

2. A Curious Headline

This is a strategy I currently use on my profile. The purpose is to get people who see your headline to want to know more about you or about what you started talking about.

However, you must note that your headline message must be very short. And it must capture reader interest. How do you know if it is working? Ask a couple of people you are connected with. If they seem indifferent about it, it’s probably not good enough.

3. Boast of Your Top Achievement

This is another great strategy. A lot of people use things like “Forbes 40 Under 40", LinkedIn accolades, Google ranks, etc.

All that is good. But using one really great achievement is the best. Like, “The Number 1 … ” Or “Ask me how I have helped SaaS companies generate $500M in four years.”

Now that you have a solid headline, the next thing is to make a lot of people see that headline.

If you are famous, you can start creating content. However, if you are not, and you honestly don’t care about that, you should look in another direction.

The other direction is commenting: Post reasonable and good comments on trending posts.

This will lead to a lot of people seeing you and your headline. If your headline accords with what I shared above, they will check your profile.

If you make four relevant comments every day on great posts, your profile will get way more hits than it does now.

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