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Marketing Monday: Renewing Our Marketing Focus & 7 Great Guides

Niklas Göke
Nov 11 · 3 min read

A lot has happened since our last Marketing Monday. We briefly opened our scope of topics, but have decided to stick to our original mission:

Helping you the best marketer you can possibly be. From here on out, every article in Better Marketing is going to serve that goal.

Of course, we never stopped running those articles and have grown to 25,000 amazing followers like yourself in the process. Thank you! We’re more committed than ever to selecting the best pieces we can find and pushing our authors to do better and better for you.

These efforts have already been paying off, and I think you’ll be able to tell based on the following 7 pieces, which I’ve hand-picked for you today.

PS: You’ll now get Marketing Monday emails less often, as we have a new tool bringing you personalized suggestions every Wednesday — but every time I have an update to share, I’ll include some of our best stuff from the past week!

1. The 9-Point Contrepreneur Approach I’ve Used to Write Over 3,000 Pieces by Sean Kernan

I developed a system called contrepreneurialism, an inward-facing process of continual refinement that produces high reach content. I’ve used it to write over 3,000 answers on Quora. Here it is in all its glory.

2. How a Magician Made $200,000 in Sales on a $100 Budget by Geraint Clarke

In 2017, I was asked to work on a campaign and product launch for a new training set for magicians. The product was called Erdnase x Madison. With one bold quote and less than $100 worth of marketing spend, the product sold out and grossed well over $200,000 within its first month of release.

3. 8 Insider Tips to Help You Start Your Own Mastermind Group by Michael Thompson

The words “Your network determines your net worth” are cliché for a reason — they’re grounded in truth. If you take the time to build your own tribe, I’m convinced you’ll never have to worry about work opportunities again. Below is a collection of best practices to begin building your own online mastermind group.

4. How Legendary Copywriter Gene Schwartz Wrote Bestselling Headlines by Cynthia Marinakos

When Schwartz created copy for ads, he addressed what he termed permanent mass desires — hopes, dreams, fears, and desires — with temporary mass desires. These are seasonal or cyclical desires, such as car or fashion preferences. As copywriters, we don’t create people’s desires to lose weight, make more money, or show their success to others. But we can channel those desires onto a particular product, and we can be rewarded for it.

5. The Content Marketing Strategy Kylie Jenner Used to Build a $900M Business in 3 Years by John Blust

Kylie Jenner became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire last year. She did it with no more than a Shopify store, a seven-person team, and super solid content marketing. She grew her cosmetics brand into a $900M business in three years without any paid traffic. I like to consider myself a savvy marketer, but I’ve never launched a campaign that’s on Kylie’s level of success. So, this marketing junkie decided to set aside his ego. I spent hours in a cafe, learning all about Kylie, her makeup, and her marketing. And man, did I learn a few things.

6. How To Use Fiction Writing Techniques to Enhance Your Non-Fiction Writing by Dawn Bevier

Today, I will focus on how you can use three more literary elements, flashback, foreshadowing, and imagery to emotionally hook your character (your audience) and establish a positive relationship with them, exacerbate their conflict (so they’ll want to have you solve their problem) and create a motivational atmosphere that will leave them feeling confident in your advice and more likely to read your next piece.

7. How I Got Into a Room With Kygo by Drew Teller

Within 24 hours, my dream came true. How did I make it happen? By marketing myself. Here are the four ways I successfully capitalized on my small personal brand to meet Kygo.

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