Should Seduction Be Your Marketing Tool?

A Tinder profile, an Instagram page, and a content marketing lesson

Photo created by the author through Unsplash Credits: Karsten Winegeart and Photo by Etienne Girardet

We live in a world where if you want your audience to notice you among the oceans of other creators, waiting is no longer an option. You have to move your butt and make yourself seen — and you’ll have to do it in both conventional and unconventional ways.

This story is about a woman who stood out using the latter. We’ll call her Kate.

I was surfing Tinder when I encountered Kate’s confident half-smile. Her piercing look made me read her profile description and her description made me freeze.

Kate wrote:

I don’t talk much here. I’m more active on Instagram where I share my passion!

Upon memorizing her simple username, I immediately switched to Instagram’s search bar.

As soon as I clicked on her story of the day, my excitement turned into confusion. Kate clearly had a boyfriend, but I texted her anyway — and she responded.

Haha, maybe ;), she replied to my first question — which wasn’t, Are you looking for a little side action?

No, my first question to her was: Your Tinder profile is a marketing tool, isn’t it?

Gotta Catch ’Em All

In addition to her day job as a digital marketer, Kate is a photographer. Despite the irregularity of her posts, she had more than 2,700 Instagram followers. Kate’s numbers also showed that she wasn’t all-in with the follow-for-follow strategy.

I asked myself, how could she grow an audience without posting daily? Then I realized I’d already hit the follow button. She was good.

The intrigue Kate generated through her fifteen-word profile description turned Tinder swipers into Instagram followers. What does she look like outside Tinder? Why isn’t she active here? What could her passion be?

Just like I did, people who crossed paths with Kate hopped on Instagram to check her out. Kate’s content did the rest. Scrolling through dozens of nicely captured portraits and landscapes from remote areas of the world had made hundreds of men and women press the follow button.

Kate was not only a passionate photographer but also a cheeky marketer.

Should You Close This Article and Download a Dating App?

The short answer is, probably not.

Wait, what the heck, Nabil?

Let’s take a step back and put things into perspective. Things went well for Kate because photography is universal. Many people enjoy browsing pictures from across the spinning stellar rock called earth — remember, that’s what made Instagram popular in the first place.

Your content, however, is probably not as universal as photography — and thus, you need to examine your options.

It’s also important to recognize that dating apps have rules. You can’t just swoop in there and bomb people with links to your content. You’ll either get reported or sniped by a robot — yes, dating apps are using Artificial Intelligence to ban fake users. Not to mention the risks of attracting stalkers and online trolls.

Kate told me her technique didn’t only attract followers — it also brought trouble makers. Sure, she ignored the noise and blocked the harassers, but that didn’t take away the mental costs of pushing away ill-intended people.

So, you’re saying there is no point? Seriously, this is getting confusing, Nabil.

Perspective is important here to help you clearly understand the specific context in which you can leverage dating apps to market your content.

The last piece of this puzzle is the relevance of your context to the dating app audience.

What Can You Market on Dating Apps?

Without getting too specific about the motives behind people’s presence on dating apps, it’s accurate to presume that you’ll most likely be addressing single people.

Other than a possible date, what else might single people be looking for? They’d likely be interested in dating and relationship advice.

The idea isn’t to lure these users into clicking your links — you’d be no better than catfishers if you did. Rather, the idea is to reach the right audience at the right time. And you do that when you offer content that matches the context.

Here are three examples of relevant niches:


People who’re looking for a relationship could use conversational how-tos such as using active-listening to spark interest and open questions to keep the dialogue alive.


Sex bloggers can spread spicy ideas as well as informative knowledge to inspire singles and teach them how to keep the sexual spark lit and healthy. (God bless education.)


It could be awareness, confidence, or self-love. These are just a few examples of what a person looking for a relationship might be looking for. After all, everything we share with others starts from within.

When exploring the marketing potential of dating apps, remember to keep your profile personal and honest. You could aim for descriptions like:

  • I’m not here for a date, but I can help you boost your chances to have a successful one.
  • Before looking for a rebound, let me help you heal your open wounds.

Remember, you’re not there to show up for the sake of showing up. Your job is to provide added-value to the audience you’re addressing.

Final Words and Takeaway

Your target audience is somewhere among the 4.5 billion souls scattered across the digital world. The latter welcomes millions of blog posts every day — not to mention podcasts and videos.

Every piece of content you share is a needle in a haystack. If you want it to be found, you’ll have to display that needle somewhere it can shine — just like Kate did with her photography.

The idea isn’t to blindly hop on Tinder but to replicate the pattern. The latter boils down to three words: look around you.

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