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Screenshot of author’s Trello board
Screenshot of author’s Trello board

You might be asking, “What the heck is Trello?” Well, I have an answer. Trello is a free Kanban-style list-making app that has been changing the way I look at and organize my writing.

You might also now be asking, “What the heck is Kanban?” …

Don’t tell people things — make them wonder

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Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

Remember history class?

If yours was anything like mine, a middle-aged football coach stood in front of you and rattled off names and dates. America joined World War II in 1941. Abraham Lincoln won the election against Stephen Douglas in 1860. Nat Turner led a slave rebellion and killed 55 people.

And, also if you were anything like me, you had to Google all of those facts 15 years later because you were passing notes and thinking about the pretty redhead you were about to chat up in the next class.

Bad teachers tell you facts. …

Brilliant publicity feat to fire up your creativity

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Duomo di Milano Italy, Milano, Italy | Photo by Matteo Raimondi

What is the strangest scenario you could ever find yourself in?

Well, imagine running back home from your habitual morning runs. The sun was hitting your face. You were sweating and feeling a surge in energy, as (of course) Kygo was blasting from your headphones. It was a regular day… or was it?

A few blocks down your street, you notice the place cramped with people, not like how you left it 30 minutes earlier. Something is going on.

Removing your headset, you push through the mildly chaotic crowd to have a better look. Blaring sirens grow louder. …

Scalable digital systems and aggressive social media promotion

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Keqing, a character from Genshin Impact — Source: Genshin Impact’s website

We don’t normally see a $100 million budget to develop and market a video game that targets mobile gamers.

One Chinese company, however, decided to literally bet their assets on this video game that launched on September 28, 2020.

MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact was released on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and recently onboarded Nintendo Switch.

It is a free to play (F2P) single/multi-player action role-playing game that is fantasy-based in an open-world world environment.

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Screenshot of gameplay in Genshin Impact — Source: Genshin Impact’s website

Revenue Model

Being a F2P game, Genshin Impact earns revenue from its in-game store that allows players to purchase Genesis Crystals (in-game currency) with real money. …

Let’s dispel your Halloween fears of creating your own TV channel

Skeleton hand using the remote to control a TV, with halloween decorations around it.
Skeleton hand using the remote to control a TV, with halloween decorations around it.
A GIF from Allroll

In the dark, dark woods of AdTech, Connected TV apps are a dime a dozen. It’s safe to say that the impressive growth of the CTV market with connected TV devices in the U.S., reaching 400 million as per Leichtman Research Group, is appealing and very comforting for channel owners.

As a result, the competition strengthens. Setting up your own CTV app, which had seemed like a fun idea before, is now gaining scarier and scarier “survival of the fittest” features. Having cold feet while thinking of creating a new CTV channel? To overcome fears, let’s embrace them first:

Failing to Start

You may think that developing your own channel from scratch requires either proficient coding skills or paying a fortune to those who have these skills in case you don’t. So, instead of starting your, let’s say Roku, channel, you wake up in cold sweats having nightmares about being trapped in an empty room in front of the screen with APIs on it. Let’s lower the anxiety and look at available options. …

A user experience designer on how to leverage your FAQ page as a trust-building first-stop for your audience

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Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Imagine you are shopping online for the perfect pair of not too casual, but comfortable pants to slightly elevate your pandemic wardrobe from sweatpants. You scour your usual clothing website, then take to Google, progressively trying more specific keywords: women’s jeans, women’s denim joggers, or women’s drawstring denim joggers with pockets.

Just as a hypothetical example.

Fine, it’s my exact search history. I just can’t do tight jeans crawling around with a baby all day, OK?

You’ve finally found a pair that meets your criteria. You’re happy with what the reviewers have said and are ready to pull the trigger. But you have just one question first, a minor detail that you might otherwise take one second to ask a checkout person as you were pulling out your credit card in the store. Something about the material, fit, or return policy, for example. You scan the product page down to the footer and still can’t see a place to find your answer. …

They may not be the best thing for mental health

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Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Even though a viral article is a goal for most writers, it wasn’t the best experience I’ve ever had.

Don’t get me wrong, the money that comes from one is good, but without the right mindset, a viral article can cause a lot of stress. I could have used a better approach to handle it.

The Medium article in question might not be viral by your standards, but it was for me. It has nearly 65,000 views, but most of those views came within the first two days.

Here’s why it wasn’t as great as I thought it would be.

What Was This Article All About?

I’ve worked in the health, fitness, and nutrition field for half of my life. …

Your brand is more than just marketing

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Photo by Karl Ibri on Unsplash

No matter from which angle you look at it, good marketing is a critical part of financial success for any business. But, fail to recognize and use its potential, and you might put yourself in a delicate situation.

A situation more baffling to most business owners, though, is one where they’re using every marketing practices praised out there, but their business is still sputtering. How is it possible that, even when putting yourself in front of the right audience, at the right place and the right time, your business still can’t make a profit?

The answer lies in three simple words: a weak brand. …

A no-nonsense, absolutely un-sugar-coated look at the money it takes to start and sustain a self-publishing career

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Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Self-Publishing is one of those topics that tends to elicit a whole honking heap of articles, blogs, and posts that promote a rather sparkling get-rich-quick(ish) image that is as attractive as it is inaccurate.

Glancing through this sort of content, you’d think that self-publishing novels is a surefire way to blast right out of your cubicle and into a perfect and fulfilling life as an author. If only! The truth is that, like any business venture worth succeeding at, becoming and being a self-pubbed author takes investment.

And no, I’m not just talking about an investment of time and hustle (whatever that means). I’m talking cold, hard cash. …

It magically links two viewpoints into our digital world that no big Silicon Valley company managed to solve for social and shopping

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Photo by Oleksii S on Unsplash

The fantastic growth rate of e-commerce during 2020 is a signal that change is coming faster than expected to our beloved industries. Whether we like it or not, the retail transformation is irreversible and permanent. But while we are adapting to this new normal, how can the future of e-commerce surprise us? In my view, the future belongs to live streaming shopping over social channels.

Exactly when the first millennials were born, at the start of the 1980s, the Home Shopping Network started to innovate on cable TV. Founded by a former DJ who started selling can openers on live radio, HSN pioneered a televised sales pitch for consumer goods. Credit cards and QR codes payment systems sustained this bizarre industry. So much that in 2020, if you turn on your TV during day-time and check generic stations, you might be able to watch TV-shopping in its awesomeness. …

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