The Psychology I Used to Publish 2000+ Blog Posts

You can do it too, you just have to put yourself in the right frame of mind

Tim Denning
Nov 19 · 7 min read
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Many people might think that publishing a lot on the internet is the result of being talented or gifted. I would disagree.

Whether it’s writing or any other goal you have in life, what makes the difference is your psychology and how you think about life.

There are certain characteristics that make you perform in a different way and allow you to achieve results that from a distance look impossible or insanely hard for a human.

Here are the mental characteristics that formed the psychology that allowed me to write 2000+ blog posts in a short time.

An Abundance Mindset

This way of thinking allows you to see other people’s wins as your own. You can’t write a lot or achieve an enormous goal on your own, especially when you see everyone around you as your competition.

Life is not a competition; it’s a team sport.

An abundance mindset is the simple idea that we can all win—that there is enough pie for all of us to eat and no one has to lose in the process. Sharing lots of blog posts requires you to give everything you have. You have to be prepared to share the full story and put yourself on the line.

You have to believe you have way more than enough to give some of your resources, in the form of time, to complete strangers.

A Different Carrot

Our dopamine fuelled brain gets tricked into easy rewards such as likes or money.

The psychology I used to write so many articles was to make the carrot helping one person.

Every blog post only had to help one person and then it was a success in my mind. This shift in my motivation and reward system that my brain focused on during the process gave me a huge advantage.

Staying away from vanity metrics and focusing on the people I was writing for made the articles more helpful. Being helpful was what kept me going when an obsession with money would have caused me to give up early because there was not a dollar in sight.

Change the reward system that your brain operates on. Give your brain a new carrot to chase.

Blamed Myself, Always

Along the way, there were many screw-ups. The key was to change my psychology to be centered around ownership.

It’s not Medium’s fault if my writing sucks.

It’s not the algorithm’s fault my article was missed.

It’s not the troll’s fault that I upset people.

Everything is and always will be my fault when it comes to writing. I own everything I say and everything I do regardless of the consequences.

Owning your situation allows you to have a tremendous amount of control because you stop making excuses and blaming outside fantasies on your failures. Everything happens for a reason and you get to control the meaning.

Anyone Can Do It

Our mind tells us that we are never enough or we can’t do it. The key to my psychology has been to tell myself that anyone can do it. It sounds cheesy as hell, but it’s true.

If I can write 2000 blog posts, you can too. If your hero ran three marathons, you can too. If your partner got their dream job, you can too.

Anyone can achieve whatever goal they set for themselves when they start with believing that anyone can do it. What makes this thought powerful is not just believing in this idea; it’s linking it to an image of someone who is normal and not wearing a cape.

Normal people like you and I can do whatever we want and that’s the psychology we need to produce results that look complicated and unattainable.

Blocking the Noise of the Mind

What helps to build a deafening noise in your mind is the opinions of the crowd. People are going to hate you for reasons you’ll never understand and learning to deal with opinions is learning the art of mastering the noisy mind.

Some days I just don’t read opinions and other days, I read them and then get on with my day without worrying about them.

People that hate you are going through a tough time and being empathetic to that will serve your mind far more than letting the unfiltered opinions make you give up your craft.

If you struggle to tame the opinions, tame your mind by ignoring opinions for a while and getting on with your work.

Interrupt the Mind’s Desire to Talk

Our minds tell us to speak all the time when someone else is talking. The key to writing 2000+ blog posts has been to listen more.

The best work comes from listening to the world around you and taking experiences that you have in life and using them for someone else’s benefit.

The mind wants you to always be creating and to always express itself.

Take a break from all of that and learn to sit alone in a room by yourself and just listen. Listen to people at work who are talking to you or listen to your partner when you get home or listen to your mentor that is trying to give you a few pearls of wisdom.

Scratch off the Mind’s Label of Seriousness

Our mind wants to tell us that everything we do is going to be life or death.

If we don’t learn to disconnect from every bit of work we produce being serious, we make the mistake of being stuck in draft mode, always trying to create something brand new that is going to change our lives and the world, every time.

The psychology required to produce an enormous amount of work is one that has a more light-hearted approach to the process. I don’t write a story and become too attached to it or trying to predict what it can do. Everything is written from the perspective of being helpful and not taking myself too seriously.

Being too serious leads to over-analysis and that won’t produce 2000+ blog posts.

Train Your Mind for Repetition

My brain has been trained to expect lots of repetition. A key to the process is doing the writing at the same time every week with exactly the same routine.

The routine is repetitive as hell and that’s how I remind my mind of what is about to happen. Here’s the routine:

This is my stupidly boring writing process that has allowed me to pump out 2000+ blog posts like a monkey that has had too many bananas.

When you create a repeatable routine, your brain is able to focus quicker and be primed for the activity that is about to occur. There are no surprises, only predictable work that needs to take place.

The monkey mind can be tamed with a repeatable and simple routine.

Dropping the Boat Anchor of Insecurity

Our minds love to remind us of our insecurities. They love to tell us where we fell down before or what people are going to say this time or how this blog post is going to be the career-ender.

It’s all a lie. We all have insecurities and we have to train our brains to accept them and not use them as an excuse to hold back or hide away in a dark corner avoiding the world and its critiques of our behavior.

My mind and I know I have plenty of insecurities and we drop them in the ocean by remembering that we all have them — even the Winklevoss Twins.

Avoidance of Desire

The mind has a long list of desires. It wants cake, sex, money, power, fun, stimulation and the list goes on.

If all you do is let your mind chase desires, it’s impossible to do any work, let alone write 2000+ blog posts. Shutting off desire is simple: tell your mind it’s a trap. Porn is a trap. Junk food is a trap. Money is a trap.

Keep telling your mind that you won’t be fooled by the traps of desire because you have important work to do that is going to give you a reward far greater than any desire could ever give you: meaning.

A Final Thought

This is the exact psychology I have used to write 2000+ blog posts. I’m not special and anyone can do it using these tactics that take back control of your mind and focus on positive psychology that can serve you, not hinder you.

The mental characteristics we require to produce our life’s best work at volume can be cultivated in our mind and practiced for maximum effect.

Train your mind and you can do anything in life and make it look easy to the rest of us. Use your psychology as an enabler.

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