3 Creative Ways to Deeply Connect With People on Your About Page

We really want “you” — you know?

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No one knows you or your business better than yourself. Yet why is writing an About page the most difficult part of creating your freelance website?

You’ll often hear that as a freelancer, people hire you for you! And your About page is the perfect place to let ideal clients know why you are the perfect fit for their needs.

While your About page is there to tell visitors about you, it should also be client-centered. People subconsciously ask “what’s in it for me?” If you focus too much on yourself, you risk clients becoming disinterested.

The best way to avoid this disinterest and create deeper connections is to learn about where you and your ideal clients’ interests overlap — and share that overlap on your About page.

If you’ve been spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to write an About page that connects, here are three things you can add to your About page:

1. Share Brand Values

You know how you meet certain people and everything just clicks? You have the same unpopular opinion or experience. You connect over shared interests. There is just something there.

That same moment can happen when someone comes across you online.

In psychology, the Noble Edge Effect suggests people prefer socially responsible brands. Recent studies also say people are driven to buy because of beliefs and values.

As a brand, what do you believe in and value?

  • Maybe you value self-acceptance and integrate abundant self-love into your therapy practice.
  • Or you believe in a balanced work week and help clients heal from perfectionism and burnout.
  • Or one of your core values is a belief that support should be accessible to all.

What values or beliefs do you have that guide and shape your practice? Feature those brand values as a bridge of connection to start building that relationship with your readers.

Here are brand values Career Party Planner Olivia Sod starts her About page with.

Image for post
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Olivia uses her beliefs to set the stage for connection and build excitement for the rest of her story!

2. Include an Informative Timeline

Do you ever get a question asked about you — and you don’t know whether to give the abridged version or long version?

This happens with me when people ask me where I’m from. Whilst I’m originally from the small island of Guam, I haven’t lived there for 17 years. In those 17 years, I haven’t lived in one place for more than five years at a time…so how do I distill my story of where I’m from into an answer?

You might feel this way writing your own About page. There are so many parts of your story that contribute to where you are — but how do you tell this in a way that’s easy to digest?

A timeline is the perfect way to tell your story whilst highlighting important information people might otherwise miss.

Here’s a part of the timeline wedding planner Daria MacGregor uses to tell the story of her wedding planning and coordination company Circle of Love Weddings.

Image for post
Image for post

Having a timeline on your website is a great way to connect with visitors whilst telling them more about you!

3. Personalize Your Page With Fun Facts

Again, people hire people, and your About page is the perfect place to make a personal connection with your website visitors.

Because I’m a Pacific Island girl, my love of the Pacific Island spirit is embedded into my brand and About page. Because of this, I’ve had multiple clients who told me, “I knew I would feel connected to you because of your aloha spirit!”

My recommendation? Do your customer research and learn about where your interests and your dream clients’ interests align.

Maybe they love traveling and you can share a random travel fact. Or, maybe you are secretly fluent in another language. Carve time aside to put in fun facts about you so you can build more connection points with your website visitors!

Here’s an example of a random facts section on freelance writer Lydia Paulina’s website. People may be surprised to learn her secret talent is tap dancing!

Image for post
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It’s All About Balance

At the end of the day, writing your About page is a balance. Write clients-centered copy to show ideal clients why you are the perfect match. At the same time, share enough about yourself to create that personal connection.

Use your brand values, a timeline, or fun facts to show clients you understand their needs and you are the best fit for the job.

How do you create connections with your About page?

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Web designer writing about freelance, personal development & identity. https://kristaaoki.com | https://reroutelifestyle.com

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