Video and Live Streaming Are Taking Over Digital Marketing in 2020

Podcasting and voice search are also strongly on the rise

Atanas Shorgov
Nov 29, 2019 · 5 min read
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Marketing in 2020. What’s it going to look like? If I had to bet on a few things, it’d be video, live streaming, podcasting, and voice search.

Digital Marketing is always changing. Marketers are constantly looking for new things that would give them an edge over the competition.

Technology is moving and the business has to adapt.


According to a quick Google search, five billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.

Just for a little perspective.

One million seconds is 11.5 days.

One billion seconds is 31.5 years.

Five billion videos is an insane number and it just shows how enormously popular, and such a huge part of our lives, YouTube and videos have become.

If you’re a digital marketer who’s never thought of using videos as part of your marketing strategies, you may want to reconsider your profession.

It doesn’t mean that videos are the only way of doing things. You can still use all the other channels of traditional communication, but also start making videos!

Videos are also great because you can re-recreate the information presented and put into different formats.

If you look at Gary Vaynerchuk’s promotional activities, he can make a video, and then turn it into an article and a social media post, and a tweet, and an infographic. You can have one video, which you can convert into all these smaller parts and interconnect and link them to each other for increased traffic.

Videos won’t die all of a sudden and a very safe prediction would be that video production will only increase and develop in 2020 and that marketers will be using it a lot for their businesses.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a booming industry.

I am one of these 63%, and even if I don’t always watch them live, I’d often go back to the broadcast or re-watch some of the highlights on YouTube.

There are YouTubers who simply take the best moments of popular streamers and get millions of views per month from somebody else’s content. Many of them are probably making a living out of it or at least a good side hustle—unless they get demonetized of course.

Businesses are nonetheless starting to realize that traditional commercials are not as effective as they were. Viewers would rather watch an authentic live stream presenting a new product than a scripted video of fake happy actors who are trying to sell you something.

Even in the recent case, in which Tesla’s Cybertruck windows got smashed during a live presentation, it’s certainly not the best way to sell your product, but it’s still a hundred times more interesting and memorable than a pre-recorded safe video. Now everybody has been talking about their epic failure and Elon Musk swearing on stage.

Marketers will be using more and more live streaming services and video promotions.

We’ve got Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and even LinkedIn live. Companies can broadcast directly from one of these platforms and grab the interest of their customers.

It could be a risky thing to do for some of the well-established brands as you could never exactly predict what is going to happen during a live stream. However, it might be a great opportunity for smaller companies, which are not afraid to take these risks and show something unique or entertaining, and giving them a competitive advantage.

Voice Search

Until a few years back, voice search was not really a big thing. When you had a question, you’d always type it in Google. Now, I know many people who are often using the voice commands on their phones for all sort of questions.

With the increase of voice searching, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is inevitably going to change. Marketing specialists would need to figure out new ways to keep the ranking of their websites. There will be some new crazy SEO strategies that try to take into account voice search behavior rather than what people like to type.

To make things even more interesting, Google has been continuously working on their algorithms. That means hundreds if not thousands of small changes affecting Google’s search were made just in the last year.

Google’s BERT new model processes words in relation to all the other words in a sentence, rather than one-by-one in order. The intent is to give more context to search queries and therefore result in better findings.

Going in this direction, how are such changes going to affect the user experience?

Google is already giving these short featured snippets of information on the top of your search. Many people don’t find the need to click to the website when they already see the most relevant information. The fewer clicks, the better.

It is possible in future that Google focuses more and more on these featured snippets. Users would just ask questions over voice search and in response they will receive an audio message with some overall highlights. There will be no need to type or read anymore.


Have you noticed how big podcasting has become?

Podcasts are everywhere and everyone has a podcast. You can probably blame Joe Rogan for that to a good extent.

There are podcasts on business, marketing, cooking, anime, history, technology, and I could pretty much write any topic and there will be a podcast for it out there.

There are now more than 700,000 active podcasts and over 29 million episodes.

That’s a lot of podcasts.

We have different podcasts even in my company, where employees just interview each other and spread some internal communications.

I am actually a big fan of podcasts as they can give you a true and authentic form of communication. They can be educational, inspiring, or just funny. They can also be used to promote a business and service or also sell you a product.

Many popular podcasts get good sponsorship deals due to the large audiences they reach. You will be listening to your favorite history podcast and all of a sudden the host will start promoting Dollar Shave Club. It’s often hilarious, but that’s the new way of advertising products.

Marketing will always find a distribution channel coming in all shapes or forms, whether through popular YouTubers or Podcast celebrities, they will find a way to sell you something.

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