The Best Way to a $25,000 Sale Is to Make a $25,000 Product

“If you want more, you need to become more.” -Jim Rohn

Anthony Moore
Oct 28 · 6 min read
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Let’s pretend I just became your number one fan. I’m hooked. I’m ready to buy, right now.

What’s the most expensive product I could buy from you?


Maybe $100?

If you don’t have big-ticket items and are only selling low-priced products, how do you expect to earn a serious income? If you want big money, you need to sell big things.

Part of the problem is that many entrepreneurs simply aren’t thinking big enough. “Success is determined not so much by the size of one’s brain as it is by the size of one’s thinking,” wrote Dr. David Schwartz. Deep down, if you don’t believe you’re the kind of person who could make a million dollars a year, you certainly won’t be making that kind of money — even if you claim that’s what you want.

It’s time to upgrade — your mindset and your products. Stop trying to market low-priced products everyone around you is also trying to market. Increase your prices and upgrade your services and products.

Here’s What Happens When You Have a Very Expensive Product

Long ago, a man named Diderot lived in a dingy old house. He was poor, with few possessions. One day, he was gifted a magnificent robe — easily the nicest thing he’d ever owned.

Eventually, his dingy apartment and dirty clothes didn’t match his beautiful new robe. He began slowly upgrading his surroundings to match it. Soon, his environment (and mindset) were entirely upgraded. Upgrading one area of your life affects every other area. This is called the Diderot Effect.

If you want to upgrade everything around you, start with one really nice thing — in this case, a very expensive product.

Let’s say you’re used to selling basic courses or books. Your average sale is around $20.

What happens when you have a product priced a $2,000?

Suddenly, your usual sales report looks like chump change. You start to ask yourself, What if I actually made that kind of money? Your mind begins subconsciously thinking of new products and services that match the very expensive product. Like Diderot, the effect begins spreading to the rest of your business — and your mindset. Your income skyrockets, because now you’re selling expensive things.

When you have a really expensive product (that’s actually worth it), that will change you. When you can tell someone you have a coaching package that costs $2,000, that means something. People will look at you differently. You’ll look at yourself differently.

Kyle Maynard is the first quadruple amputee to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. He’s an award-winning MMA fighter and owns a gym chain, No Excuses gym.

“The worst advice I’ve ever been given was to not increase the fee I charged to give a keynote speech,” Maynard said in a recent interview. “I decided to raise my price anyway…now I have twice as many inquiries, and people even negotiate with me less. I wish I’d done it earlier.”

I can relate. A couple of years ago, my highest-priced product was a $27 online course. It sold…fine. Maybe a couple of sales a week. That was all I thought I could do.

But about a year later, I decided to make bigger products — soon, I was selling $500 and $1,000 courses. And people bought them! I still remember the first time I made a $1,000 sale. It changed the game for me. If people buy that, I thought, why wouldn’t they buy a $5,000 or a $10,000 course? I’ve been raising my prices ever since, and I’ve been making way more money.

Raise your prices. It will positively affect your other products, services, and your own mindset.

One of the Most Important Skills You Can Learn Is Sales

As a writer, “sales” is often seen as a bad word. Words like “scam” and “sellout” and “clickbait” come to mind.

But as number one New York Times best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki once said:

“It’s not best-author, it’s best-selling author.”

But as best-selling author Jeff Goins once wrote, “Real artists don’t starve.” If you want more freedom in your time, money, and lifestyle, you’re going to need to learn to sell; it’s one of the most important skills you can learn.

In some ways, everything is sales — you’re selling yourself, your services, and why people should choose you over the other guy or gal. Those who refuse to learn sales doom themselves to remain in mediocrity. Extraordinary people from every industry are always well-versed in how to sell.

In his book “DotCom Secrets,” Russel Brunson (founder of ClickFunnels, worth $360 million) described the process for selling a $25,000 product. It’s extremely lengthy and involved dozens of specific steps involving multiple salespeople, even knowledge on how to guide someone to charge $25,000 on their credit/debit card through their bank.

You need to think bigger. There are bigger fish to fry. You need to consider expanding your worldview. The more income you have, the more you can spread your message, and the more people you can help.

Learning how to sell high-priced products isn’t easy, but it’s extremely lucrative. I didn’t know how to sell a $500 product on a webinar, but I learned. I bought books and online courses on how to host great webinars. I learned sales scripts and how to sell at that price point. I learned how to connect every piece of technology involved — my email provider, online course, webinar, payment gateway, etc.

As a result, I earn 10x and even 100x more income a month than I did when I first started out.

I know many of my peers who shun sales — they think it’s icky. They prefer to not make money if it means they have to “sell” their work.

That’s fine. There’s a place for free art and services in the world — not everything needs a $25,000 price tag.

But I chose to learn how to sell, raise my prices, and increase my income. Because that’s what’s getting me the life I want to live.

Why $10 Million Dollars Would Destroy You

People are like containers. Sometimes, they’re literally too small to absorb true success.

Even if they tried, things would spill over and create a mess.

This is why lottery ticket winners often experience terrible upheaval in their lives, blowing all their money in a few years as they watch their lives disintegrate.

This is why young athletes, music artists, and rock stars find themselves bankrupt and depressed only a few years after signing their $40 million dollar contract.

If you’re not ready for the money, it can destroy you. You must train yourself to be a responsible, capable craftsman or craftswoman. Otherwise, the money might destroy you and everything you’ve worked for.

The weight of big success is heavy. This may be surprising, but most people actually don’t have the strength to carry it. If you want to be someone who can market and sell a big-ticket item, you need to become someone who’s able to handle that kind of money.

Not winning the lottery is actually a blessing for most people. The money would destroy them.

Most of society doesn’t have the poise, self-control, or brutal self-discipline required to remain the master of money. Most would became slaves to their own wealth — either quickly losing all of it on frivolous expenses, or hoarding it all in a dark dungeon of paranoia and Gollum-like greed.

Are you like most people?

In Conclusion

Every day, entrepreneurs and marketers are spending enormous marketing and selling their products for far less than they should.

If you raise your prices, you get more money.

But before you raise your prices, you need to evolve into something more. You need to become someone who can charge those prices with confidence, and deliver a product that gives your customers even more value than the price tag.

If you want to earn serious income, you’re going to need bigger, better, more expensive products. More importantly — you’re going to need those products to be worth it. Otherwise, you’re just scamming people who will demand a refund.

Want more income than ever before?

Then evolve into someone who can charge for that kind of service.

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