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Here’s What Content To Post When Instagram Takes Away Likes

Without social proof, you’re free to focus on quality over quantity

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Instagram just took away likes for some accounts in America, but that doesn’t mean marketers need to freak out.

While removing likes will have a big impact on advertising (no likes means that advertisers may as well just buy ads from Instagram directly, instead of influencers), it may be the chance to improve your business’s social presence.

They create social proof for businesses that either motivate or demotivate users to follow them and engage with their content.

Businesses wouldn’t need to post the content that boosts engagement, they could post the other kind.

This is the content that focuses on qualitative over quantitative results.

Qualitative content makes people feel something. It’s the testimonial content that makes your avatar think, “Maybe I do need to buy this product.” It’s the unfiltered image that makes someone feel inspired for the entirety of their day. It’s the controversial opinion that people agree with, but wouldn’t dare click the like button for.

With likes, we’ve established social media to be a quantitative world. More likes = more quantitative results. These are results that you can bring to a marketing director and say, “Last week we grew our following by 12% and our engagement has stayed at 8%. Our Tuesday post created 256 profile link clicks.”

We can’t measure “inspiration” into a CTR that gives us our monthly conversions. But, without the likes, do we need it?

If Instagram permanently removes the like feature, will businesses shift focus from perfectly curated stock photo-like images to posts that sit with their avatar for hours after reading/watching?

This is a question I’m waiting patiently to find the answer to. While the measurability of qualitative post engagement is nearly impossible, could we choose to cross our fingers and see if it works?

In the digital marketing age of disruption, something is about to change the game. And this could be it.

Tobi Pearce, CEO of Sweat, is already riding this train. With over 30 million monthly users and an estimated net worth of $400+ million (all built off of a social media presence), this isn’t a new concept for him. While before-and-after photos of fitness clients don’t perform best quantitatively, Tobi is asking himself, “What about the qualitative result?”

While Instagram users may not want to be liking these photos, it doesn’t mean that they’re not interested, inspired, and further intrigued by the Sweat App each time they see a new Instagram post.

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If Instagram decides that likes won’t be coming back, this is a huge opportunity for businesses to post the content that really resonates with their customer avatar, without worrying about their social proof metrics.

But, just like all digital marketing trends, only time will tell.

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