What Kind of Content Marketing Activities Should You Focus on Now?

Practical tips to strengthen your strategy

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We’ve all been under the lockdown for at least a week now. The whole world is getting paralyzed by the COVID-19 crisis and our lifestyle has changed dramatically. We have more time on our hands, but the question arises if we use that time productively.

No more commutes to and from work. Less time spent shopping or hanging out with friends at your favorite bistro for lunch. What do you do with that extra time?

Some of us will definitely take advantage of more free time and take some rest from the relentless pace they were in before the outbreak. Reading books, watching a movie or listening to your favorite podcasts is all great. Some of us will choose to pick up new skills — such as learning to cook healthy food, brush up on a language that you’ve been learning, or pick up exercising.

Why not? Whatever makes you happy is what you should be doing.

However, let me bring up another activity for those who are struggling to think about where to spend that extra time. I’ll give you two words: content marketing.

Even though you may have a content marketing strategy in place, the quarantine is a great time to relook at it and strengthen your position.

For many marketers, content marketing is often a time-consuming activity. Thus maybe it stands as a lower priority, compared to active lead generation, such as Google Ads and social media advertising.

What Kind of Content Marketing Activities Should You Focus on Now?

Remember that content marketing takes time to bring results. It won’t be instant and thus it’s the best time to work on it to have results once the lockdown is lifted.

Here are some ideas about what you can do.

Set your content marketing goals

Your efforts to strengthen your content marketing game will be more valuable if you set clear goals that can be easily measured. Here are some examples that you can prioritize:

  • What do you want to achieve through content marketing? Is it to generate more leads? Is it to improve brand awareness? Is it to position your brand as a thought-leader in your industry? Having a clear goal will help you shape your overall strategy better.
  • Produce X number of posts to boost your website’s SEO is a great goal to set. It’s direct and easily measurable. However, remember that quality comes first, don’t set a high number of posts that are average.
  • Decide which keywords you want to rank in The top 5 on Google search is another great goal that will tie closely with your content strategy overall. Be realistic and choose the most relevant keywords to your NOB.
  • What percentage of total web traffic should come from your content on social media, blog, and organic search? By having a clear percent in mind, you will concentrate to optimize your channels better and achieve the desired result.

Specific goals will help you plan ahead and execute better what you have come up with. The more detailed your goals are, the clearer the execution will be.

Review your current social media presence

I’m sure you are already on social media. Sometimes, when the pace is fast, our social media loses direction. It’s the best time to redefine the purpose of your social media as it will serve as a stepping stone for your content marketing strategy.

  • What is the purpose of your social media accounts? I always say: Facebook is for leads generation; Twitter is for quick shoutout and interaction with consumers; Instagram is to show company’s behind-the-scenes and human side; LinkedIn is to show how professional the company is and engage with other businesses and decision-makers. LinkedIn is also a way to show your brand as a thought-leader in the industry.
  • Update your profiles as they may not be up-to-date. We often forget to provide the latest and most relevant information on all channels and social media may be one of them. Review if the “About” section is relevant and if the cover visuals and content information are up-to-date.
  • Review the social media performance to understand better what was working and what has to be changed. Review the past 3–6 months and see what drove the best results. Was it video content? Was it blog posts? Was it infographics? When you have this information in your hands, you’ll know what kind of content will be your priority.

Analysis and review will set you on the right track for further planning. By knowing that your social media accounts are up-to-date and relevant, you’ll have peace of mind that your consumers won’t be misinformed.

Create content that works

Once you have your goals and you know what worked in the past, you’re set for content creation. Content is an extremely powerful tool to raise brand awareness and also generate sales leads.

  • Plan the format that you’ll be using for your content creation. The beauty of content marketing is that it’s an extremely broad field, including posters, infographics, blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc. Based on what has worked in the past, you should now know what kind of content you’ll be working on. However, don’t be afraid to experiment, if you haven’t explored podcasts, maybe you could spend some time doing one (remember, you have time now!).
  • Execute and review as you go because you’re not time-pressured now, allocate enough time to review your content and even get opinions from others. If you have a team, share it with them and get some feedback. Don’t rush into publishing it instantly. I love leaving my content overnight and revisiting it the next day — most of the best changes happen after a later review.
  • Spend time researching different topics that are relevant to your field. In this way, you will be able to create more diverse content that will attract more diverse crowds. Stay within your major field though. If you’re working within digital marketing, exploring topics such as personal branding or alternatives to digital marketing (such as in-game advertising) can be very beneficial.

Having more time can be very beneficial to your content creation game. Often, we are much more productive when there is no time-pressure. Freedom gives an extra boost to our creativity and we, therefore, can do magic.

I wish you all the best in your content marketing game.

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