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Tim Denning
Aug 13 · 4 min read
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A stranger sent me a message on LinkedIn. It took me by surprise, and yet it’s a way of looking at the world that is all too common. It’s a view of the world that kills dreams, holds people back, lacks humanity, and forces you to your grave without leaving a legacy behind.

This is serious stuff if you haven’t already got the hint.

The young lady who messaged me had resigned and taken a package because of a restructure at her company. Before leaving, her boss asked her to run two training sessions to share her knowledge with the rest of the team.

Sadly, she declined.

Her justification was that it took her years to acquire the knowledge, lots of money was spent doing courses, and people who were newly hired had lesser job titles than her but were called specialists when they, in fact, had no experience.

She believed her job title gave her permission to own the knowledge.

Her question to me was whether this was a good decision. I believe it was a bad choice and empowered her to think about this request to share her knowledge differently.

“Knowledge isn’t power; it’s potential power. Execution trumps knowledge any day of the week.” — Tony Robbins

Here is why you must share your knowledge.

Sharing Your Knowledge Creates Opportunity

The way you create opportunities in your life is by sharing what you know, not keeping it for yourself.

If the lady that reached out to me shared her knowledge in a room full of her colleagues, someone in that room could have done the following:

  • Hired her because of what they learned from her experience
  • Introduced her to a future client
  • Recommended her for a job
  • Been a blind reference to someone doing background checks on her

The knowledge you have acquired and your ability to demonstrate it becomes part of the way people see you and the opportunities they share with you.

Keeping your knowledge is hiding your brilliance and protecting you from those big dreams you’ve always had, but seem to always fall short on.

Knowledge Is Easily Accessed

Whatever knowledge and experience you have, it is probably not that unique.

There is probably another person out there from the same line of work as you who can share similar knowledge with the world and is already doing so. The internet has commoditized knowledge and put the emphasis on execution and responsibility.

Thinking your knowledge unique is a lie and it will hold you back from your potential. Sharing your knowledge brings people closer to you and it’s those people that you’ll need to achieve your life goals.

“Selfishness kills dreams while generosity towards others creates dreams.”

Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons (Dean Allman)

A Word on Monetizing Knowledge

Locking your knowledge behind a payment page is not how you monetize what you know.

The lady I met on LinkedIn wanted to charge for her knowledge, which is all well and good, but nobody is going to pay for it unless you first share it.

In my case, I give away all of my knowledge for free and that has been the reason I have made money from it. You can share the fundamentals of your knowledge and then leave the deeper insights to a course, speech, or book that people buy.

You have to show your cards first to a prospective audience.

Everyone is saying they have the answers on the internet, but very few people are showing they have solutions through the sharing of what they know. You can monetize your knowledge when you have shared enough of it.

No one is paying you for your knowledge unless you first show that you have it.

Most People Will Never Take Action on Your Knowledge

This is one that will smack you in the mouth and leave you bleeding. It took me five years to get and now it’s something that drives my career.

You can give people knowledge for free, or charge them for it, but 99% of them will never take action. They will consume your knowledge and do absolutely nothing with it.

Having the knowledge is not where the value lies.

Most people will forget your knowledge when they go back to their phone and it fills up their overflowing cup of knowledge, and makes yours forgotten.

The value is in coaching people to use your knowledge and assisting with the execution of your knowledge.

Knowledge is the gateway to where the real value lies: in the execution.

Sharing Your Knowledge Gives Your Life Meaning

Back to the original headline of this article: would you prefer to die with your knowledge or have someone be inspired by it who takes your knowledge and helps it live on beyond your physical existence?

Knowledge is your legacy. When you share it, your knowledge lives on in the minds of those you inspired. Your legacy is continually built long after you die and are rotting away in your grave.

You can die peacefully knowing that your knowledge is being used to make the world a better place and see the human species live on.

Sharing your knowledge gives your life meaning and that is far more valuable than monetizing it.

All the fulfillment in my life currently has come from sharing my knowledge and it’s the one gift I want to pass on. Holding onto knowledge might make you money, but money only leads to achievement, not fulfillment.

Giving your knowledge away creates joy, and joy leads to fulfillment.

Create a meaning for your life by sharing your knowledge.

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