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Today’s consumers have seen it all and they need more than your guarantee before they pull out their wallet

Photo of a group with all their hands reaching towards the middle in a huddle.
Photo of a group with all their hands reaching towards the middle in a huddle.
Photo by Dio Hasbi Saniskoro from Pexels

Your Audience Doesn’t Trust You

As consumers, we have major trust issues. According to The Edelman Trust Barometer, distrust in business, government, NGOs, and the media are at an all-time high in 2020.

On average, today’s consumers don’t trust the media to deliver accurate information, we’ve lost a lot of faith in the government to do its job, we don’t believe NGOs are competent enough, and we’ve stopped taking companies at their word for what they can offer us. Unless you are living under a rock, this might not be too much of a surprise given the state of affairs today.

Dimensions of trust graph indicating the lack of trust in 2020 of government, media, business, and NGOs.
Dimensions of trust graph indicating the lack of trust in 2020 of government, media, business, and NGOs.
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As a business, this means that it is necessary to focus your marketing on building trust and credibility with your audience. We no longer live in a day where you can list out the details and benefits of your product or service through an advertisement and watch sales grow. Today’s consumers are far more likely to trust and want to learn about your brand through content rather than a traditional ad. …

How Writing with Background Noise is more than a Myth

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Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

I used to have an easy relationship with noise. As a kid, I could read or write somewhat coherently with the television or radio on. Isn’t that a miraculous feat? Plus, I lived with an extremely noisy family. So, sometimes, my homework needed editing, but I got by. I thought it just made me a super multi-tasker.

I told myself I was able to multi-function with white noise.

White noise is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as sounds containing many frequencies with equal intensities. …

Marketers must reach higher, and get higher, to make a lasting impact.

Skier cutting a turn on a slope with the sun in the background
Skier cutting a turn on a slope with the sun in the background
Pic purchased via istock

I was cutting down a hard black diamond, alone, high in the Utah mountains.

I carved side-to-side on the uneven chunky snow. My legs were on fire as I did each turn. My breath was coming in heaves.

This was the type of slope that required commitment. It was a bit like riding a bike but with a higher minimum speed.

A big round bend was approaching. The slope was evening out. So, like any young man with no regard for safety, I leaned forward and crouched down to see how fast I could go.

I was pushing 45 mph. The blanket of snow crackled as it rushed past the bottom of my skis. …

“Sometimes it’s better to play along rather than fight the joke”

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Photo by John Park on Unsplash

1. 80% of Articles Don’t Flop Because of the Actual Writing ~ Zoe Yu

“As an editor of Write Like A Girl, a publication housed right here on Medium, I too often encounter stories with wonderful potential — a brilliant introduction, meaningful advice, a wealth of takeaways, the whole shebang. Even so, it’s these same stories that tank, racking up readerships in the single digits.”

2. Explode Your Subscriber Count with YouTube Shorts ~ Krystal Wascher

“Basically, by creating very short videos that won’t take much time or effort to put together, you can dramatically increase the number of subscribers for your channel in a short period of time due to the increased exposure from YouTube promoting them.”

3. Kazakhstan’s Reaction to Borat Is a Lesson in Marketing ~ Elad Simchayoff

“The Kazakhstan government learned that sometimes it’s better to play along rather than fight the joke. Countries could harness the power of pop-culture to their benefit. It helps with bringing in tourism, global attention, and eventually would also help educate the world about the real Kazakhstan and how different it is from Borat’s version.”

Four ground rules in creating quick promotional graphics.

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Photo by Jeroen den Otter on Unsplash

When most people think of marketing, they usually think of graphic design and videography as a marketer’s main skillset. But we all know there is so much more to the profession.

Marketing is essentially project management, as you’re handling multiple departments to create engaging external content.

Because of the job demands, most marketers are more familiar with PowerPoint than with Photoshop.

But that doesn’t mean graphic design won’t be part of your marketing career. …

Beneficial ideas for a successful start next year

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Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

2020 is over in two months and you still have some limited time to wrap up your Q4 and maximize your marketing budget. Every organization has an annual marketing budget and if, somehow, miraculously, you have some leftover marketing budget, don’t let it go to waste. By now, all major marketing spending should be settled and you may have some leftover money.

However, what often happens is that marketing teams try to utilize as much money as they can towards the end of Q4 so that they could easier justify the budget for the upcoming year. …

The magic of firsthand discovery

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Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash

Glance at your Twitter or Facebook feed, and you’ll notice the quantity of content is growing at an exponential rate. And even though the quality may range from stellar to blah, it’s still competing with yours.

Whether your audience is customers, clients, or students, there are small steps you can take when producing content to increase the likelihood your audience will find it and share it. …

Attract, connect, and convert your ideal customers

The most effective marketing strategies in the world

Text that says, Your Customer Can’t Be ‘Everyone’
Text that says, Your Customer Can’t Be ‘Everyone’
Photo by Louie Rahil, MBA

How big should your business be to make a good living? How many customers should you have before you can quit your full-time job?

For centuries, entrepreneurs wanted to create something that could be sold to the maximum number of people. This kind of thinking is outdated because no one has an unlimited amount of money, energy, or time to market to every person in the world, so you need a more effective strategy.

Here are four strategies that won't be endorsed by business schools anytime soon. …

This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture a new audience with YouTube’s latest video format

Taking an Iphone photo of pedestrians crossing the street in a city
Taking an Iphone photo of pedestrians crossing the street in a city
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

If you’re a small YouTuber like me or someone who has been struggling to grow your subscriber count, you’ll want to pay close attention to YouTube’s latest feature.

YouTube recently came out with their new shorts vertical video format to compete with TikTok, and they are promoting it right now on the platform.

SEO expert Jim Harmer of Income predicts that YouTube creators who take advantage of this new video format by posting video shorts to their channel could see massive subscriber growth in a very short amount of time.

Currently, YouTube has not monetized shorts; however, the goal for creators is to take advantage of this new opportunity to bring awareness to their channel. …

Use this tool to organize and maximize your writing output

Screenshot of author’s Trello board
Screenshot of author’s Trello board

You might be asking, “What the heck is Trello?” Well, I have an answer. Trello is a free Kanban-style list-making app that has been changing the way I look at and organize my writing.

You might also now be asking, “What the heck is Kanban?” …

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