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Better Practices

Photo by Mpho Mojapelo on Unsplash

AI APIs: What are they and how to use them

A set of better practices for Artificial Intelligence APIs

Use case #1: Speech-to-Text

a pirate saying “well yes, but actually no”

Use case #2: Image Recognition

A picture of a church with an overlay showing details about the place
Using Google Lens to recognise a place

Use case #3, #4…

Try before you buy

A screenshot of the Postman app showing a call to the Watson Assistant service
Example of calling the Watson Assistant service using Postman

Artificial intelligence rhymes with confidence

A bus in London with the London Eye in the background
"classifier_id": "default",
"name": "default",
"classes": [
"class": "bus",
"score": 0.797
"class": "mechanical device",
"score": 0.506
"class": "Indian red color",
"score": 0.799
"display": "General Model",
"description": "Quickly understand objects, actions, scenes, and colors within an image."



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