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End-to-End testing with Cypress

How the Postman Web Team tests web properties

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Writing Unit Tests in Postman 🚀
Postman Web workflow

3 Common Types of Testing

Commence the Googling!

What is Cypress?

$ npm install cypress — save-dev
$ ./node_modules/.bin/cypress open
describe(‘First test’, function() {  it(‘Testing true is true’, function() {    expect(true).to.equal(true);  });});
Running our first test 👍:🎉

Configuring Cypress

{  “testFiles”: “tests/**/*”,  “video”: false}

Continuous Integrations with Cypress

image: cypress/base:10
“start-server”: “npm run dev”,“cypress:run”: “./node_modules/.bin/cypress run”,“test:ci”: “start-server-and-test start-server http://localhost:8000 cypress:run”
definitions:  caches:    npm: $HOME/.npm    cypress: $HOME/.cache/Cypress
- step:  name: ‘CI:Test’  caches:    - npm    - cypress    - node


What testing be like



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