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How to Use Postman Monitors to Schedule CircleCI Pipelines

Problems and solutions when working with scheduled pipelines

Limitations associated with scheduled CircleCI pipelines

Imagine you want to schedule your CircleCI pipeline to run at midnight for your nightly workflow (test run). Below is the code snippet of how you could schedule that in CircleCI config.yml:

How to trigger a CircleCI pipeline via API request in Postman

A config.yml file configuration with parameters and conditional workflow

How to schedule a CircleCI pipeline run with Postman monitors

Postman’s monitoring service allows you to monitor API health, performance, schedule monitor runs for collections, perform continuous testing, integrate monitors with third-party services such as Slack, Opsgenie, Datadog, and more.

4 key advantages of Postman monitors

Here is a summary of several crucial advantages of using Postman monitors for running CircleCI pipelines:

  1. Postman monitor graphs allow you to visualize your monitor runs, which means that you can see when and how many times your pipeline was triggered.
  2. Postman allows you to select “Pause” or “Resume” monitors, which means that you can pause or resume CircleCI pipelines. This is an entirely new feature that is only possible if you use Postman monitors because CircleCI does not completely support it on its own.
  3. With the help of the Postman Monitor API, you can run your monitor with just a single API call. In comparison with the CircleCI API request, where we provided our parameters and branch in the request body, you don't need to specify anything for monitor run. Just a single POST request with an empty payload, and your monitor/pipeline is running.
Monitor details showing the “Paused” state of the monitor, “Resume” button, and a single monitor run in the graph



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