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The most important API metric is time to first call

Invest in TTFC to expand your potential developer base

If you are not investing in TTFC as your most important API metric, you are limiting the size of your potential developer base throughout your remaining adoption funnel.

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash
  • Urgency: Is the developer actively searching for a solution to an existing problem? Or did they hear about your technology in passing and have a mild curiosity?
  • Constraints: Is the developer trying to meet a deadline? Or do they have unlimited time and budget to explore the possibilities?
  • Alternatives: Is the developer required by their organization to use this solution? Or are they choosing from many providers and considering other ways to solve their problem?

Developer journey to an API

Step 1: Browse

Step 2: Signup

Step 3: First API call

Step 4: Implementation

Step 5: Usage

The most important API metric



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