5 iOS Libraries to Inspire Your App Development

Download and display images, install a cool navigation bar, feature a modern calendar, and more

Domenico Nicoli
Oct 4, 2019 · 3 min read
Photo by Fabian Grohs on Unsplash

1. Nuke

Nuke is a powerful library all-in-one that provides a simple way to download and display images in your app.

Fully customizable and with many different features, you can use it in every app that shows images from the web.

The following are the main features:

  • Memory and disk cache

2. StylableNavigationBar

StylableNavigationBar provides a lightweight and beautiful replacement for the standard UINavigationController.

You can use it programmatically or with a storyboard without any effort and customize your bar style, color, and tint.

3. MHWebViewController

This library simulates the web view controller used by many apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

Basically, it can be used to open a web page inside a draggable modal that can be closed with a swipe.

4. AVCalendar

If you need to have a calendar on your app, this library is the best choice.

It has a beautiful user interface. Also, it can be highly customized by changing day, year, and month background color; text color; and highlight color programmatically.

5. TOSegmentedControl

With iOS 13, Apple changed the UISegmentedControlstyle and design. Now it is rounder, flat, and cleaner.

This library is a subclass of UIControl and reimplements the look of the new UISegmentedControl component. In this way, developers can use it even in previous iOS versions. It also supports text and images as a segment type.

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Domenico Nicoli

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Better Programming

Advice for programmers.

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