5 iOS Libraries to Improve Your App

Circular view slider, selector, volumelike slider, stepper, and more

Domenico Nicoli
Nov 22 · 4 min read
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1. HGCircularSlider

We will start with HGCircularSlider, a custom reusable circular view and slider control for iOS.

This library has three different classes, one for each available mode: , , or .

More details can be found in the official documentation here.

2. AGCircularPicker

AGCircularPicker is a lightweight library really helpful for creating a controller that can be used as a circular selector.

There are many customizations available, and the developer can change color, gradient min/max value, and title in the middle of the view. It could be used from the interface builder or programmatically from the code.

The library consists of three main groups:

  • : defines title, colors, and fonts
  • : defines min/max values and number of controller
  • : defines gradient colors, locations, and angle

3. SectionedSlider

SectionedSlider is a library made in Swift that creates a slider similar to iOS 11’s volume slider.

You can use it from storyboards or programmatically creating the UIView in your code in the following way:

frame: CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: 55, height: 300),
selectedSection: 5,
sections: 10

Colors can also be customized in the following way, remembering that is the control background, is the color of the nonselected section, and is the color of the selected section:

frame: wrapView.frame,
selectedSection: 5,
sections: 10,
palette: Palette(
viewBackgroundColor: UIColor?,
sliderBackgroundColor: UIColor?,
sliderColor: UIColor?

4. GMStepper

GMStepper is a beautiful stepper with a sliding label in the middle. In order to use it, you can pan the label left/right or tap the buttons. You can implement it via storyboards, by just dropping a UIView into your storyboard and set its class to or create it programmatically and initialize it.

Many of the parameters that can be customized include: start value, min/max value, step value, left/right button text, text color, text font, background color, and much more.

5. GaugeSlider

Lastly, GaugeSlider is a library that in a few lines of codes allows you to create a customizable gauge slider that can be used both programmatically or with storyboards.

Among the customizable parameters we can find: left/right icon, min/max value, start value, step progress, animation style, placeholder text, font, text color, and line color.

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Better Programming

Advice for programmers.

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