5 iOS Libraries to Make Your App Better

New version notify, dynamic colors, view badge icon, and much more

Domenico Nicoli
Sep 20 · 4 min read
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1. Siren

Siren is the perfect tool to check the user’s currently installed version of your app. If a new version is available in the App Store, Siren will show a language-localized alert to inform the user, giving them the option to update it.

Main features:

2. DynamicColor

This library provides many powerful methods to use and manipulate colors with low effort.

First of all, you need to create a new color starting from a HEX or RGB value. Once the color is ready you can:

You can find the full documentation here with all the details on how to use it.

3. BadgeHub

You can use this little library to quickly add a notification-badge image on any view of your app.

Configurations, usage, customizations, and animations are really easy to do, and you just need a few lines of code to make them work.


BulletinBoard is an iOS library that creates a card view displayed at the bottom of the screen. It has support for accessibility features like VoiceOver. It also looks good for onboarding screens or initial configurations (I use it on one of my apps for just this reason).

5. SPPermission

This library allows you to show an elegant UI dialog with minimal style to request different permissions from the user.

The current permissions supported are:

Thanks for reading!

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Better Programming

Advice for programmers.

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