6 Awesome Elixir Open-Source Projects

For its age, Elixir has a lively ecosystem with a lot of mature and stable libraries

Jul 28 · 3 min read


Teslamate is a powerful, self-hosted data logger for your Tesla. It features dashboards, packed with drive stats, visited addresses, and efficiency reports. Teslamate is constantly one of the trending Elixir repositories on GitHub, so if you have a Tesla and want to do something cool with Elixir, I suggest you try it out.

Supabase Realtime

Realtime is an application for listening to changes in your PostgreSQL database. It’s a Phoenix server that listens to PostgreSQL’s replication functionality, converts the byte stream into JSON, and then broadcasts it over websockets.


Absinthe is an Elixir implementation of GraphQL. Absinthe implements the working draft of GraphQL while providing a nice, idiomatic API for Elixir users. In addition, it has some extras like easy-to-read schemas, support for Phoenix, Plug, and Relay, and a very configurable querying pipeline.

If you haven’t yet heard about GraphQL, it is basically a better REST created and invented by Facebook that allows for querying APIs through a single endpoint instead of fetching a load of data from multiple endpoints. You can learn more about it at How To GraphQL.


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Hex is a package manager for Erlang and Elixir that hosts over 11 000 public packages.

To see an example Phoenix project, you can also check out Hex.pm, the website for the said package manager.


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Once you delve deeper into open-source Elixir, you can find some treasures. In particular, ExVenture. If you’ve ever wanted to build your own text-based MUD, it turns out you can do it in Elixir.

Build your own imaginary world, with goblins, dragons, and other creatures. Graphics are so 2019, anyway.

If you want to learn more about ExVenture, you can listen to an interview with its creator on Elixir Wizards.

Phoenix LiveView

It makes sense to end with one of the most promising Elixir projects.

Phoenix LiveView enables you to ditch JavaScript (most of it) from your web pages through the power of Elixir. LiveView provides a wonderful alternative to client-side single-page apps like the ones you would make with React or Vue.js.

See how LiveView can be used to implement a Twitter clone in 15 minutes:

If you want to learn more about LiveView, I’d suggest you try out the free Pragmatic Studio course or listen to Software Engineering Radio episode with the author of the Phoenix framework, Chris McCord.


Overall, the open-source ecosystem of Elixir is quite large, with several high-quality projects that are used by many companies in production. To see more of what it can offer, you can check out this curated list of Elixir libraries.

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