7 Takeaways About Good Programmers

#6: Come back later and make it better

Shubham Pathania
Sep 30, 2020 · 4 min read
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Programming is an art. I’ve been in the industry for almost five years now. During these years, I’ve met good as well as bad programmers. I have learned a lot from the good programmers.

Good Programmers make programming sound so easy. I still remember the line said by one of the technical architect in my previous project:

“The role of software developers is to make things easier. They have to provide effortless solutions to complex problems.”

Over the years, I have a few takeaways from these good programmers that helped my career development. Today, I am going to share those things with you all.

1. Focus on the Process, Not the Output

Most of the young programmers focus on the output. Generating the output does not necessarily mean that you have understood the process.

In the software world, you will face new challenges every day. It is vital that you understand the process, as then only you can resolve it with your experience.

“Start focusing on how to solve the problem rather than what should be the output.”

It will guide you to become a better programmer in the long run.

2. Spoon-Feeding Won’t Take You Anywhere

I still remember the time when I started my career as a programmer. I used to have a habit of frequently asking my seniors when I got stuck somewhere in the code. One day, my lead told me: “We are all here to help, but don’t expect anyone to spoon-feed you. You won’t learn plenty if every time you ask for help. Try to dive into the problem and struggle for a while.”

This advice helped me a lot to grow in my career as a programmer. You shouldn’t feel belittled when stuck in the code. Try to give your 200% before reaching out to others as it will help you to thrive as a programmer.

3. First Understand Your Code by Yourself

As I already said, programmers are required to offer simple solutions to complex problems. They don’t need to write a grueling code to impress others.

People often forget what they’ve coded if they see the code after a few days or months. Imagine if they find it difficult to recollect what a piece of code is doing which they’ve written, what will happen if someone else tries to understand that code?

Write a simple yet effective code with supportive comments. Comments will help you to recollect what a piece of code is doing in the application. Try to write short and helpful comments wherever necessary.

Good programmers write a simple yet effective code that is readable for other programmers.

4. Come Up With More Than One Solution

Good programmers don’t stop digging until they find multiple solutions to a problem. They always come up with at least two ways to solve a problem.

This is actually a good practice as it gives you an option to choose from multiple solutions based on space-time complexity and other factors. This approach enhances your logical thinking as you try to see a problem with different perspectives to find more solutions.

Even when you are unable to find multiple solutions, look for alternate approaches over the sites like Stack Overflow, CodeProject, or GitHub.

5. Be a Bibliophile When It Comes to Code Reading

“Read before you write” is true for programming. Reading other people’s code gives you more insight than anything else. It teaches you a lot of things.

Good programmers spend a decent amount of time in code reviews. This helps them to gather a few things:

  • More knowledge about the code.
  • Coding skills of other programmers.
  • Different approaches (multiple solutions) to solve a particular problem.
  • It improves the logical thinking of a programmer.

Code reading should be a habit for a programmer. This helps them to grow in their career.

6. Come Back Later and Make It Better

This approach I’ve discovered in my third year of being a programmer. I saw one of my seniors doing code changes to one of his old requirements which were already closed.

I asked him the reason for changing the logic when everything was working fine. He said that he had developed this practice over the years:

Whenever there is less burden on him, he tries to figure out better approaches to his already fixed problems. If he finds out a better solution than the already implemented one, then he creates a change request and updates it.

This practice helped him to improve as a programmer. It also keeps your code optimized.

7. Programmer Update Coming Soon

A single defining quality of a good programmer is their constant search for knowledge. Programming is a challenging career where you need to stay up-to-date.

Programmers are as good as their code. They need to update themselves just like their software, to stay relevant.

Good programmers rely on plenty of online resources like technical blogs, YouTube channels, or coding forums to keep themselves updated.


In summation, the key takeaways for good programmers:

  1. Don’t rush to code. Understand the process first.
  2. Struggle for a while before asking someone for help.
  3. Write a simple and effective code that anyone can understand.
  4. Try to find more than one solution to a problem.
  5. Make code reading a habit.
  6. Improve your previously implemented solution if possible.
  7. Stay up-to-date with your technology trends being a programmer.

These things helped me to grow as a programmer over the last five years. I hope it can be of some help to you.

Thanks for reading!

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Shubham Pathania

Written by

A coder by Day || Writer by Night || A great writer lies somewhere between fiction and reality.

Better Programming

Advice for programmers.

Shubham Pathania

Written by

A coder by Day || Writer by Night || A great writer lies somewhere between fiction and reality.

Better Programming

Advice for programmers.

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