8 Great Guides to Help You Get Your Next Software Job

Interview study guides, resume help, and just good advice

Nov 17, 2019 · 6 min read
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Getting ready for technical interviews can be stressful. There is an ever-expanding set of topics and question types and at the end of the day, it can feel like you are never ready to walk into an interview.

However, thanks to many software engineers, there are many resources you can use to help improve your chances of passing your technical interview.

In some ways, there might be too many options!

So, we wanted to take a moment and list some of the great articles from the past few years that are geared to help you get and pass your technical interviews!

1. Top Data Structures You Should Know for Your Next Coding Interview

Let’s just start with the very basics. For those who just need a refresher on which data structures exist (especially if you just code in Python where everything is just a dict).

This article is a great summary of all your basic data structures. In no way will this article help you pass an interview, but it will help remind you of all the data structures you forgot about from your data structures and algorithm course.

2. Master the JavaScript Interview: What Is Functional Programming?

Moving on, let’s look at some more niche topics. Functional programming is honestly both new and old.

For those that didn’t have a functional programming course (like myself), you might have no idea what is going on when your interviewer asks about avoiding shared state or other similar topics.

Also, if you’re just curious about functional programming it is a great article to read up on!

3. Why I Studied Full-Time for 8 Months for a Google Interview

Sometimes, it just helps to read about other people’s experiences.

Not because it will provide any hint on how you could pass the interview. Instead, perhaps it is just helpful to read about other people who have gone through what you are going through.

You might feel like you have studied for a long time, and done every LeetCode question, but there is always someone out there outworking you.

4. The Data Science Interview Study Guide

Alright, this one is a personal plug. But I think this piece has one unique quality.

Besides listing tons of questions, videos, and other resources you should check out, it also provides a checklist that can make it easier for you to follow along with your interview journey.

You can easily track which questions you have already answered and which videos you have watched. Sometimes it just helps to have a list of things so everything is lined up.

5. 7 Key Steps to Getting Your First Software Engineering Job

For those that don’t know, freeCodeCamp, in general, is a great place to find a lot of free resources to read about programming and there are a few mentions on this list, including the one below.

This article was written by Stella Chung who graduated from a coding bootcamp.

What we enjoyed about the article was that it covered more than just “study all the questions,” it also discussed the idea of defining the role you would like and other practices that would help you feel like you were making progress even if you are rejected.

One topic not many interview guides will talk about is the art of developing a thick skin or some sort of system to keep motivated. We have seen many interviewers lose heart after one month of interviews!

Where many of us spent six, seven, eight, or maybe even over a year of really trying to get that first job out of college or a boot camp. Read the rest of Stella Chung’s article to get some more of her tips!

6. I Hire Software Developers. Your Resume Is the Reason You’re Not Getting Interviews

Have you ever wanted to get in the head of someone who is interviewing you? Well, here is your chance.

Dominic White has written an article focused on resumes. Now, we don’t 100% agree with every piece of advice. For example, we have never seen it helpful to add personal interests on your resume. But that has just been our experience.

But making sure to tailor your resume to the job is important. One, it just is a good step to make sure you double-check your resume and two, in the modern world of tech, every job seems to need a different set of skills.

One needs AWS, another Azure, another Google Cloud, etc. That means your resume needs to line up with what the job is asking for.

7. The 30-Minute Guide to Rocking Your Next Coding Interview

Although the title comes across a little click-baity, this article does a great job of breaking down what you need to do to get through the interview process.

The 30 minutes really is more of a guide to setting up the next few months of interviewing but that can be very helpful. Sometimes, it can just feel so daunting.

Studying 100+ interview questions, practicing 30 different ways to design a Twitter look-alike, etc. But, once you get that job, it will all be worth it!

8. Why You Should Ask Questions at Your Next Tech Company Interview


Sometimes we get so focused on trying to prepare for the questions we will get asked, we forget to prepare questions for the interviewer.

Now, sometimes…

We just want the job. We don’t really care about the company or the product. We don’t currently have a job and we have bills we need to pay.

All of us have been there.

However, it doesn’t look good if that’s how you come off. So, take a few moments to read Angela Zhang’s article. It could help if you have a few default questions ready to go, even if you’re really only interested in getting a job.


Regardless of where you are in the process, we wish you the best of luck. If it’s your first interview, go in ready to learn, and if it’s your tenth, don’t let it bring you down!

We have all been there and we have all wanted to just give up.

But in the end, the right job will come!

Better Programming

Advice for programmers.


Written by

#Data #Engineer, Strategy Development Consultant and All Around Data Guy #deeplearning #machinelearning #datascience #tech #management http://bit.ly/2uKsTVw

Better Programming

Advice for programmers.


Written by

#Data #Engineer, Strategy Development Consultant and All Around Data Guy #deeplearning #machinelearning #datascience #tech #management http://bit.ly/2uKsTVw

Better Programming

Advice for programmers.

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