A Huge List of Free Photos and Illustrations for Developers in 2021

Get free photos and free illustrations for your development projects, Medium articles, and more

Jana Bergant
Nov 30, 2020 · 5 min read
Man drawing a rocket ship labeled ‘Start up’
Man drawing a rocket ship labeled ‘Start up’
Image source: Adobe Stock

You’re a developer with great ideas that you know how to turn into a reality, but you lack design skills.

A good illustration or a representative image can illustrate the entire purpose of the product or service without a lengthy description no one wants to read.

Thank god things have changed in the last decade or two. You don’t need to study design; you don’t need to hire a designer. You can find great free illustrations and photos on the internet.

Here’s a list of my resources: free photos and free illustrations. The first few will be my favorite ones. I listed the following without any order.

Free Photos

My favorite sites for free photos:

Unsplash.com: beautiful, free images and photos for any project or blog post
Unsplash.com: beautiful, free images and photos for any project or blog post
  • Unsplash.com: Beautiful, free images and photos for any project or blog post. Pictures made by pro and semi-pro photographers
Pixabay.com: over 1.8 million free high-quality images and videos oriented towards business and marketing
Pixabay.com: over 1.8 million free high-quality images and videos oriented towards business and marketing
  • Pixabay.com: Over 1.8 million free high-quality images and videos oriented toward business and marketing
Pexels.com: photos arranged by theme from all around the world
Pexels.com: photos arranged by theme from all around the world
  • Pexels.com: Photos arranged by theme from all around the world.

Other good resources for free photos and images:

  • Adobe stock free: Free photos, vectors, and videos.
  • Gratisography: High-resolution free stock images. New photos are added weekly.
  • Morguefile: Photos of random people and everyday objects.
  • Stockvault: Daily new free photos, textures, and illustrations.
  • Pikwizard: One million high-quality images and videos. You can make basic edits like adding text overlays before downloading the photo.
  • Rawpixel: A diverse collection of photos.
  • PicJumbo: A free stock photo community with a big selection of beautiful free photos.
  • ReShot: Emerging photographers share their stunning photos.
  • Shopify Burst: Free high-resolution photos for websites and commercial use.
  • FreeImages: Over 300,000 free stock photos.
  • Canva free images: Canva is my favorite design tool. They have a stock of free photos you can use for your projects
  • StockSnap: Large selection of photos with hundreds of new images daily.
  • FoodiesFeed: Free food pictures in high resolution.
  • KaboomPics: High-quality free stock photos of abstract, city/architecture, fashion, food, landscapes, and more.
  • Life of Pix: Free high-resolution photos, the photograph of the week competition.
  • SkitterPhoto: Authentic photos created by Skitterphoto’s owners.
  • New Old Stock: Vintage photos from the public archives.
  • FreeStocks: A wide range of high-quality photos.
  • Styled Stock: Free feminine stock photography for every woman entrepreneur.
  • Generated Photos: Photos of people generated by AI.
  • Science Image: Free images for science: technology, animals, astronomy…
  • IAN Image library: Free images for science including ecosystems, processes, viruses…
  • Picography: Free stock photos.
  • Picspree: Royalty-free images, stock photos, illustrations, and vectors.
  • ISO Republic: Free high-resolution photos and videos
  • The Jopwell Collection: Several albums with hundreds of images featuring people in the Jopwell diversified community
  • LittleVisuals: Photos by Nic Jackson.
  • Realistic Shots: Free high-resolution photos.
  • Depositphotos: New free images, vectors, editorial content, and footages every week.
  • Find A Photo: Over 1 million high-quality stock photos across multiple free and paid stock photo sites.
  • Negative Space: Free high-resolution photos.
  • Piqsels: Free photos.
  • Wunder Stock: A free photo library that provides access to tens of thousands of high-quality public domain photos plus extended results for 10+ million Creative Commons images on Flickr.
  • PxHere: Free of copyrights under CC0.
  • Nappy: High-res photos of Black and Brown people.
  • Domain Public Pictures: All types of free images.
  • Saxifraga: Free nature images.
  • ZoomStock: Free stock photos.
Woman doodling in notebook
Woman doodling in notebook
Image source: Adobe Stock

Free Illustrations

My favorite sites for free illustrations:

DrawKit: beautiful, free illustrations
DrawKit: beautiful, free illustrations
  • DrawKit: Beautiful, free illustrations. Weekly updates and customizing options. More than 50 free illustrations in two separate styles.
unDraw: open-source illustrations
unDraw: open-source illustrations
Humaaans: customizable illustrations of people
Humaaans: customizable illustrations of people
  • Humaaans: Customizable illustrations of people.

Other good resources for free illustrations:

  • FreeIlustrations: Free illustrations background images
    for your awesome landing pages.
  • IconScout: Search 2 millions illustrations from 900+ contributors. Handpicked unique illustration packs.
  • ManyPixels: Each week, discover royalty-free illustrations to power up your projects.
  • Blush Design: Create and customize stunning illustrations with collections made by artists across the globe.
  • Absurd Design: Absurd illustrations that make sense if you are looking for something different.
  • FreePik: Free illustrations.
  • Openpeeps: A hand-drawn illustration library. The library works like building blocks made of vector arms, legs, and emotions. You can mix these elements to create different Peeps.
  • Artify: An easy to use web-based design editor packed with a huge library of design assets.
  • Delesign: Royalty-free design illustrations.
  • Illustrations: Open-source illustrations kit of 100 awesome illustrations.
  • Vecteezy: Free vector art.
  • BlackIllustrations: Illustrations of Black people for your next digital project.
  • GetIllustration: Massive illustration packs. Stories that make your designs stand out.
  • Lukaszadam: Free illustrations.
  • Ouch Icons8: Ouch helps creators who don’t draw overcome the lack of quality graphics. Free vector illustrations.
  • Outlane: Free illustrations hand-crafted by Outlane.
  • BulbMan: Free illustrations.
  • Charco Illustrations: A set of 16 handcrafted illustrations for your web and app projects. This set includes categories like 404 error, no internet connection, no service, fatal error, page not found, something went wrong, under construction, and many more.
  • Isometric: Free isometric illustrations for designers,
    startups, and companies.
  • Paaatterns: A free collection of beautiful patterns for all vector formats.
  • Error404: Free illustrations for pages.
  • IsoFlat: Isometric and flat graphic resources.
  • Sketchvalley: Hand-drawn free vector illustration resources for your project.
  • Scale by Flexiple: New high-quality, open-source illustration each day.
  • Old Book Illustrations: A massive collection of illustrations from old books.
  • Storytale: Free illustrations.
  • IsometricLove: Cute isometric objects for your design.
  • Flaticon: 3,664,500 vector icons.
  • ui8: Free illustration/icon and character set.
  • OpendDoodles: A free set of sketchy illustrations.

Let me know if you have a better resource I’ve not found yet.

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