CI/CD Ingredients for Success

The obvious and the not-so-obvious information about Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Chris Cooney
May 11 · 6 min read
Let’s take that pipeline from a Pendolino to a Japanese Bullet Train

Just what the hell is CI/CD?

First, CI

And CD

Together, they’re awesome.

So, what should a pipeline do?



Security Scanning

What’s this file in your /tmp directory?

Deployment of Applications to ALL ENVIRONMENTS

Post-Deployment Checks


All together now - my deployment just failed!!

Good Error Messages

Error: "nginx-ingress" has no deployed releases
NAME           REVISION UPDATED                  STATUSnginx-ingress  6        Fri May  3 11:19:45 2019 FAILED
Your application can not be deployed because it is in a failed state. You can verify this using the helm list command. You should rollback to a previous working revision, using the helm rollback command.


Understanding metrics like these unlock true team improvement.

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Better Programming

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