Mayank Patel
Jun 23, 2018 · 2 min read

Kick start your Elasticsearch experiment, using Docker for your development project.

I’ve created three Node static Elasticsearch 7.0.0 clusters, using Docker Compose. Docker Compose also includes the new open sourced Kibana 7.0.0, running behind NGINX.

Release notes

This cluster is not recommended to use in a production environment, but it provides you with a starting point.

GitHub Repo

Services included in the GitHub repository:

  • Three Node Elasticsearch version 7.2.0.
  • Kibana version 7.2.0.
  • Audit Beat version 7.2.0.
  • Metric Beat version 7.2.0.
  • Heart Beat version 7.2.0.
  • Packet Beat version 7.2.0.
  • File Beat version 7.2.0.
  • APM Server version 7.2.0.
  • APP Search version 7.2.0.
  • NGINX.


  • Docker 18.05
  • Docker-compose 1.21

Start Stack in Daemon Mode

docker-compose up -d

Check Status of Docker Compose Cluster

docker-compose ps -a

Accessing Kibana through NGINX


Access Elasticsearch


Access App Search


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Better Programming

Advice for programmers.

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