Get Google Trends Results Using Python

How to get rising related queries and top related queries from Google Trends by Pytrends (the unofficial API for Google Trends)

Sajid Hasan Sifat
Jul 29 · 3 min read
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import pandas as pd
from pytrends.request import TrendReq
>pip install pandas
>pip install pytrends
pytrend = TrendReq(hl=’en-US’, tz=360)
# Create payload and capture API tokens. Only needed for interest_over_time(), interest_by_region() & related_queries()trendy_keywords = ‘Data Science’
kw_list = [trendy_keywords]
kw = trendy_keywords
# Related Queries, returns a dictionary of dataframesrelated_queries_dict = pytrend.related_queries()
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# for rising related queries
related_queries_rising = related_queries_dict.get(kw).get(‘rising’)
# for top related queries
related_queries_top = related_queries_dict.get(kw).get(‘top’)
print(“**************** RISING RELATED KEYWORDS **************”)
print(“**************** TOP RELATED KEYWORDS *******************”)
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