Here Are the Most Common JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

Level up your JavaScript with these algorithms and data structures

Indrek Lasn
Jul 10 · 3 min read
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Data Structures

A data structure is a particular way of organizing and storing data in a computer so that it can be accessed and modified efficiently.

More precisely, a data structure is a collection of data values, the relationships among them, and the functions or operations that can be applied to the data.

Here’s a list of algorithms and data structures you should learn to level up your coding skills.

Each algorithm and data structure has its own separate README with related explanations and links for further reading (including ones to YouTube videos).

JavaScripot Algorithms —

Big thanks to Oleksii Trekhleb making it available for anyone.


An algorithm is an unambiguous specification of how to solve a class of problems. It is a set of rules that precisely define a sequence of operations.

Fibonacci Number —

Interested in learning how algorithms work in depth?

I suggest grabbing a copy of the “Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd Edition (The MIT Press)” book. Introduction to Algorithms uniquely combines rigor and comprehensiveness. Find the Kindle version of the book here.

If you’re curious to see the full list of algorithms and data structures, check out this awesome Github repository.

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