How To Create Meaningful Names In Code

Simple rules you can follow to create good names

Jul 4 · 4 min read

Use Names Which Reveal Intention

Having names which reveal their intent is easier said than done. How often do you come across variable names that don’t tell you anything about their intent?

Avoid Disinformation

You should avoid leaving false clues that obscure the meaning of code.

Make Meaningful Distinctions

Number-series naming is not a good way of intentional naming. Such names are non-informative, as they provide no clue of the intention for the author of the code.

Use Names You Can Pronounce

If you can’t pronounce a name, you can’t discuss it without sounding like an idiot. This actually matters, because a part of programming is social activity. There’s a good chance everybody knows a variable name off the top of their head that they can’t pronounce.

Use Searchable Names

Names that consist of one letter have the problem that they can’t be located easily.

Member Prefixes

Don’t use member prefixes.


This is how you can create more meaningful names in your code.

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Better Programming

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