How To Save Data To Apple Health in Swift

A tutorial to learn how to save health information to Apple Health

Domenico Nicoli
Dec 4, 2019 · 4 min read
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Apple Health is the health informatics app announced in 2014 and available with iOS 8 or later. HealthKit is the API included in the iOS SDK used by software developers to create applications that can save/read to the Apple Health application on iOS.

In this tutorial, I will explain how to save data and information to Apple Health with a few lines of code.

Getting Started

First, open Xcode and create a new project. Select Single View App.

Then create a new class and name it HealthKitAssistant. Here we put all the methods that we will be using to save data on Apple Health.

Go toMain.Storyboard file and add a DatePicker in the top, a TextField in the middle and a Button on the bottom of the screen.

Go to your project settings, select Signing & Capabilities and Add HealthKit to allow your app to ask user permission and then store/retrieve health information.

The last step you need to do in order to access user information is to add the following key in the Info.plist file:

<string>"Please give us the reading permission to allow the app to work."</string>
<string>"Please give us the update permission to add data into Apple Health."</string>


First of all, we add the first method to HealthKitAssistantfile. This method is needed to request authorization from the users to read and write data from the device:

public class func authorizeHealthKit(completion: @escaping (Bool, Error?) -> Swift.Void) {
guard HKHealthStore.isHealthDataAvailable() else {
completion(false, HealthkitSetupError.notAvailableOnDevice)

guard let stepsCount = HKObjectType.quantityType(forIdentifier: .stepCount) else {
completion(false, HealthkitSetupError.dataTypeNotAvailable)

let healthKitTypesToWrite: Set<HKSampleType> = [stepsCount,

let healthKitTypesToRead: Set<HKObjectType> = [stepsCount,

HKHealthStore().requestAuthorization(toShare: healthKitTypesToWrite,
read: healthKitTypesToRead) { (success, error) in
completion(success, error)


Then we add a method to write steps data on Apple Health:

public class func saveSteps(stepsCountValue: Int,
date: Date,
completion: @escaping (Error?) -> Swift.Void) {

guard let stepCountType = HKQuantityType.quantityType(forIdentifier: .stepCount) else {
fatalError("Step Count Type is no longer available in HealthKit")

let stepsCountUnit:HKUnit = HKUnit.count()
let stepsCountQuantity = HKQuantity(unit: stepsCountUnit,
doubleValue: Double(stepsCountValue))

let stepsCountSample = HKQuantitySample(type: stepCountType,
quantity: stepsCountQuantity,
start: date,
end: date)

HKHealthStore().save(stepsCountSample) { (success, error) in

if let error = error {
print("Error Saving Steps Count Sample: \(error.localizedDescription)")
} else {
print("Successfully saved Steps Count Sample")


Now on ViewController file, we will call the authorizeHealthKit method on viewDidLoad. A prompt message is shown to the user that gives our app read/write access permission to the health data.

HealthKitSetupAssistant.authorizeHealthKit { (result, error) in
if result {
print("Auth ok")
} else {
print("Auth denied")


Then on saveButton action add the following code:

@IBAction func saveButton(_ sender: Any) {
guard let value = textFieldValue.text else {

HealthKitSetupAssistant.saveSteps(stepsCountValue: Int(value)!, date: { (error) in



We’re ready to test the app!

Run the simulator and allow health access to the app. Then, select a day and a time. Finally, write a value on the text field and tap the Save button.

If you open the Apple Health app now you will see a new record on the steps data!

Full Code

You can find the full code on GitHub with more data types, a method to read data and a method to delete data.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know in the comments.

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Better Programming

Advice for programmers.

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