Roman Numeral Converter

A quick summary of my front end web project

Libor Marko
Jul 31 · 2 min read

This is a summary of my front end web project that converts any given number to a Roman numeral. Find the source code of this project on my GitHub profile.

Roman Numeral Converter

Programming Concepts Used

  • ES6

Technologies Used

  • JavaScript

How It Works

Roman numerals are a numeral system that comes from ancient Rome. Numbers in this system are represented by combinations of letters from the Latin alphabet.

I created a function that takes a given number and returns a roman numeral. I defined a variable lookup that contains an object with key/value pairs of the Roman numerals and their decimal equivalents.

I defined numbers represented by different letters in Roman numerals (I, V, X, L,…), and numbers that take place before a new letter is introduced (IV, IX, XL,…).

An empty string variable, romanized, will hold a final roman number. The for loop loops through the key/value pairs in the lookup object. If the while condition is met, the current i key is added to the variable romanized, and the num number is decreased by the current i value. The final roman number is returned as the result of the function.

Example: Let’s turn the number 654 into a Roman numeral.
1. I loop through the variable lookup to meet the while condition at i equals D:500 (let roman=D, let num=654–500=154).
2. loop: the while condition met at i equals C:100 (let roman=DC, let num=154–100=54).
3. loop: the condition met at i L:50 (let roman=DCL, let num=54–50=4).
4. loop: the condition met at i IV:4 (let roman=DCLIV, let num=4–4=0).

Better Programming

Advice for programmers.

Libor Marko

Written by

A self-taught web developer always curious about a new challenge. More about me on my linkedin and my web page:

Better Programming

Advice for programmers.

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