Save UIColor With UserDefaults in Swift 5

Hassan El Desouky
Jul 22, 2019 · 2 min read

I wanted to save UIColor into UserDefaults so I googled it and couldn’t find any updated resource for Swift 5. Therefore, I came up with my own solution. Hopefully, it’s helpful.

There’s no straight way to save UIColor with UserDefaults so we will have to manipulate the type a bit.

We are going to convert UIColor to Data and save it as any?. To convert the type of UIColor, we will need to use a special method called NSKeyedArchiver.

"NSKeyedArchiver, a concrete subclass of NSCoder, provides a way to encode objects (and scalar values) into an architecture-independent format that can be stored in a file. When you archive a set of objects, the class information and instance variables for each object are written to the archive. The companion class NSKeyedUnarchiver decodes the data in an archive and creates a set of objects equivalent to the original set.” — Apple

Therefore, let’s make an extension to the UserDefaults.

We’ve converted UIColor to Data and then saved it as Any?. Then, we used the unarchiver to unarchive data and return the UIColor.

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Better Programming

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Better Programming

Advice for programmers.

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