Animation can give your app a professional look and feel

Domenico Nicoli
Aug 21 · 3 min read
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In these last few months, I’ve been working to a new app with a dark tone and horror atmosphere to it. I made all the graphics and content in Sketch, and after some days of tuning, I put everything on Xcode and finally run my project.

But unfortunately, I’ve quickly noticed that my app isn’t like the other apps I use daily. It lacks the transitions and animations that make it feel alive.

So I started learning more about animations, and I found a hidden world that allows me to create stunning effects with only a few lines of code. Below you can find some examples that you can try and customize on Playground before using on your project.

Pop In

We start with a basic animation that can be used for buttons and views. This animation is also usually used for popup messages and warnings.

Pop Out

This animation creates the opposite effect of the previous one. Usually, this is used for views/pop-up dismissing.

Drop From Top

This animation can be used in games or in apps to show settings or to filter views.

Coming From Left

This is a really dynamic animation that can be used when we make a segue between two controllers. You can add it on aviewDidLoad event on the second controller to express movement and continuation.

Fade In

Similar to the pop-in animation, this can be used for buttons and for view creation.

Fade Out

Similar to the pop-out animation, this can be used for buttons and views creation and disappearing.

Card Flip

This is a pretty cool animation if you are using cards/credit cards/documents that have two parts (e.g. front and rear).


To wrap things up, I made an UIView extension that brings together all these animations, and I started to animate buttons, views, images, and cells in my project. Now my app looks more professional!

Better Programming

Advice for programmers.

Domenico Nicoli

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Backend Developer (C#, VB.NET, Microsoft SQL Server) as job, iOS developer (Swift) for passion. Parma, Italy 🇮🇹

Better Programming

Advice for programmers.

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