Top 10 Trending Android and iOS Libraries in October

Some made noise — some ruled the month

Anupam Chugh
Oct 31 · 4 min read
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Keeping up with the tradition of the September edition, here’s a list of 5+5 Android and iOS GitHub libraries that were popular during the month of October 2019.

Top 5 Trending iOS Libraries

Here’s a SwiftUI library that requires identifiable data like SwiftUI lists to populate a grid layout view. Items in this view fill most of the available space vertically.

It’s highly customizable — with support for spacing, padding, and animating items on updates. And it’s compatible across all Apple devices.

pod ‘WaterfallGrid’

Contrary to the name, this isn’t anything remotely close to stored data and partitions. PartitionKit is basically a SwiftUI library that allows creating dynamically sized content with resizable partitions.

An image picker that supports multiselection is always needed.

Here’s a customizable one that has finer gesture control and lets us show photo album or specific images in a modal sheet.

pod ‘ConvenientImagePicker’

Built completely using UIStackViews, this customizable bar-chart library is handy when there’s a need to show analytics in your applications.

It has a customizable legend, and with just a tiny codebase, it’s easy to modify and refactor this library.

Build pie charts, donuts, or multilevel charts with this cool SwiftUI library that supports both images and text.

Also, this one supports an infinite number of circles and has a reactive UI with animation updates on selecting or focusing on a node.

Top 5 Trending Android Libraries

Here’s a lightweight Android material bottom navigation-bar library inspired by a Dribble Design.

It provides all customizations and state callbacks in your activity class.

This is one interactive dialog library that stays true to its name. Some of the fancy stuff that can be achieved with this Kotlin library are:

  • Top and bottom background customization
  • Custom layouts — like RecyclerView
  • Custom icons, text, and fonts
  • Image loading using Glide or Picasso

Here’s a different take on scroll views. This library animates an indicator for every scroll position. We can even customize the expanding and collapsing animations.

IndicatorScrollView extends NestedScrollViewand reacts with IndicatorView when the scroll is changed.

This image-cropping library is highly flexible and provides a variety of options for cropping. Be it aspect ratios or free-form, it has everything. It enhances the user experience by showing them the current width and height of the bitmap.

With features like double tap focus, pinch zoom, animations, and auto-centering, the views makes this a handy library to use.

Here’s a library for picking up photos and videos from camera or gallery. Also, it takes care of handling all the permissions and doesn’t have any additional dependencies like Data Binding or RxJava.

When designing a bottom-sheet dialog, this could be used for single or multiple photo selection. It allows us to choose how images are loaded into the ImageView.


That’s a wrap for October. Thanks for reading.

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