Top 10 Trending Android and iOS Libraries in September

SwiftUI, MotionLayout, and more

Anupam Chugh
Oct 2 · 3 min read
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Here’s my first edition of trending Android and iOS (5+5) libraries on GitHub during the month of September 2019.

Top 5 Trending iOS Libraries

Let’s start off with a SwiftUI library-based onboarding library. Use this for walkthroughs and onboarding by setting your own favorite colors.

Here we’ve got a card-styled tab bar which we can use in place of the default tab bar in our iOS projects.

Another SwiftUI based library to blur your views. It allows you to use all the system’s blur effects in light as well as dark mode.

You’ll have no more trouble when working with nested collection views. Here’s a ready-made Swift framework for quickly configuring collection views in your iOS project.

A custom implementation of the UIAlertController with easier customization.

Besides dark mode support (even for iOS 12 and below), this has a simple built-in transition from one content controller to another within a single DWAlertController.

Top 5 Trending Android Libraries

Built in Kotlin, this library simplifies the creation of surveys and questionnaires. It allows for linear or decision tree-based transitions from one survey to another.

A nice implementation of a Snapchat-like home screen using MotionLayout.

This is a UI test framework with a syntax like KaKao to write Espresso tests. It provides a mechanism to handle the flakiness of Espresso.

Parallax scrolling either by offset or automatically. It allows auto-scroll at custom set speeds, vectors, and bitmap drawables, and also supports ViewPager2.

The RubberPicker library contains the RubberSeekBar and RubberRangePicker, inspired by Cuberto's rubber-range-picker.

That’s a wrap for September. Thanks for reading.

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