Understanding MVC Services for the Front End: VanillaJS

A step-by-step JavaScript tutorial

Carlos Caballero
Oct 10, 2019 · 6 min read
Image designed by JComp / Freepik


This piece is the first in a series of three that will understand how the MVC architecture works to create front-end applications. The objective of this series is to understand how to structure a front-end application by evolving a web page in which JavaScript is used as a scripting language towards an application in which JavaScript is used as an object-oriented language.

Project Architecture

There is nothing more valuable than an image to understand what we are going to build. there is a GIF below in which the application we are going to build is illustrated.

  • Views — A visual representation of the models
  • Controllers — Links between services and views
  • user.controller.js — The one in charge of joining the service and the view
  • user.service.js — Manage all operations on users
  • user.views.js — Responsible for refreshing and changing the display screen

Models (Anemic)

The first class built in this example is the application model, user.model.js, which consists of the class attributes, and a private method that is generating random IDs (these ids could come from a database on the server).

  • name — The name of the users
  • age — The age of the users
  • complete — Boolean that lets you know whether we can cross the user off the list


In this first post, we have developed a web application where the project has been structured following the MVC architecture, in which anemic models are used and the responsibility for the logic lies in the services.

Better Programming

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Carlos Caballero

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Hi! My name is Carlos Caballero and I’m PhD. in Computer Science from Málaga, Spain. Teaching developers and degree/master computer science how to be experts!

Better Programming

Advice for programmers.

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