How to Break Free from the Torture Chamber of Your Mind Hurting Your Heart

6 Levels of the Journey from Suffering to Freedom


  1. Knowing yourself conceptually as a collection of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, programming, cravings, addictions and other false parts of you that you identify with that cause you suffering. Identifying with torture chamber of your mind instead of your Heart and True Self.

This is how you’re trapped:

2. Knowing yourself experientially. Feeling the manifestation of the above.

The following diagram on the cycle of suffering shows how it’s manifested in your life:

Watch the following video because it also explains the Cycle of Suffering very well:

3. Knowing yourself via distinction. Finally realizing that you are the Creator of these addictions and programming, etc. You’re not these viruses causing you suffering. You’re not the torture chamber.

4. Knowing yourself via Creation. NOW that you know you are a creator, you stop creating suffering and other people’s Reality programmed into you. You finally get to CREATE originally CONSISTENTLY, from the blank slate of Infinity, instead of only when inspiration strikes: poems, paintings, beautiful experiences, exquisite emotions and wonderful inventions that make the world a better place AND your life! You’re fucking inspired every day!

You also learn how to:

  1. Question your desires and ask: is this a True Desire or a craving/addiction by checking in with your body to see if these is any response. If there is no response, it’s only a loop of programming in your mind looping over and over telling you that you should want it.
  2. Pause and simply savor the desire without the need to immediately reach for it.

The following diagram shows how this works.


Follow the following steps:

1. Connect to your body.

2. Say out loud the following statements that the Norm claims you should want.

3. Be aware of how your body responds to each of the following statements:

1. (A)”I want my Soul-mate.” OR some other version of it such as “I want Love.” OR “I want to be in a relationship.”

(B)”I want to share the Ecstasy of my Completion with another who truly sees me and appreciates me, and whom I truly see and appreciate. I then wish to consecrate our relationship to a Higher Level of Service.”

2. (A) “I want a million dollars.” OR “I want my dream job.”

(B) “I want to live my deepest Calling, serve as many people as I can with It and be completely supported in living it.”

How does your body feel with each statement? With one statement, there is no response from your body. That’s how you know you never really wanted it anyways. It was just a loop of programming repeating over and over in your head telling you that you should want it.

With the other, you may feel free, light, full, tingles, powerful, soft or some other feel-good emotions. You feel lifted up into the Heavens, jumping for joy: “Yes!!!” Or it may be a quiet knowing, a peaceful fulfillment. That’s how you know it’s your True Desire and not just an addiction, empty craving or your Mum’s voice telling you what to do.

When you feel this level of clarity about what you really desire, your confidence will also soar, especially once you start taking the first baby steps towards living what is true for you at your deepest core…

Also watch this video on the difference between re-creating other people’s reality while thinking you’re creating your own reality. You will also learn the difference between that and truly creating originally from your True Self and True Desires:

This step alone of Knowing/Being yourself via Creation is Life-Changing! The other two remaining steps are optional:

5. Know yourself via Direct Union with your True Self that is already free, fulfilled, clear and always knows what to do and be.

The following video which reveals a client describing her breakthrough as “an out-of-body experience IN the body” is a great example of this:

6. Know yourself via Cosmic Out of Body Union with the Divine.

Be FREE! Fly out of your cage!

About the Author:

Kundan Chhabra provides Emotional Alchemy: The Art of Transforming your Emotional Pain into fuel for your Passion and Life Purpose. He does this through “Breakthrough Awakening”, the Consciousness Technology he invented that takes you through at least the first 4 Levels out of the 6 Levels of Knowing Yourself.

He helps you discover the messages your Emotional Pain is telling you so that you no longer have to feel them. He was able to make these discoveries and inventions through overcoming his own struggles with depression, bad relationships and suicidal thoughts.

Published in “Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love”, endorsed by Chicken Soup for the Soul Co-Founder Mark Victor Hansen, and co-written with luminaries from around the world such as world-renowned singer Deva Premal.

He also facilitated a mind-body workshop for TEDx UC Irvine 2013.

Kundan’s work has helped save marriages, end toxic relationships, and inspired his clients to lead more fulfilled lives with healthier connections of all kinds.

Check out this Youtube channel here, follow him on Facebook, and apply here to go on a deeper journey with him to be free from your suffering.

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