Ian Warner
Dec 22, 2016 · 4 min read

18 Questions To Ask If You Want to Stay Focused and Keep Growing

Every Sunday I sit down and I ask myself this series of questions. They keep me on track and they remind me where I am going and who I need to become to get there. After running through these questions I am always charged up and ready to attack a new week. I am confident they will do the same for you.

What did I Learn?

I love to touch on one specific lesson that I can take away from every week. When you do this week in and week out it gives you 52 lessons for the year.

What was my greatest accomplishment?

By far one of my favorite questions because every week I have done something worthy of praise. You have to be able to celebrate the little wins. I used to be poor at this and most people are.

What is the #1 thing I need to accomplish this week?

Time to get focused on what matters next week and the following week I look back to see if I did that important task.

What have I struggled with that might ruin this next week?

I start thinking ahead for potential obstacles to start developing a plan to get them out of my way.

What was last weeks biggest time sink?

For me the answer is most often social media so this reminds me to build systems to make sure I am blocking social media.

What have I avoided that needs to get done?

That thing that I avoid week in and week out is the thing I need to do but I just don’t want to. It is time to knock it out!

What opportunities are still on the table?

Every week someone is asking me to do something, join something, coach something so I take the time to sift through it and decide what needs to be attacked.

Who have I been meaning to talk to?

The best way to stay in touch with people is by answering this questions and actually following through with getting in touch. In a year this is 52 different people I can stay in touch with.

Who deserves a thank you?

We all owe someone a thank you that they are not expecting it.

How can I help someone else this week?

I add more purpose to the week by not making it just about myself.

What’s the next step for my biggest goal?

Sometimes I get distracted from goals, this question makes sure that I don’t drift for more than a week.

What are my fears?

I always acknowledge my fears because if I don’t they will control me. Reminding myself that things scare me, helps me stick to a game plan to overcome those fears.

What am I grateful for?

Every moment I spend expressing gratitude is a moment that I am not being unhappy or complaining.

What is my biggest liability?

Liabilities change and I like to always be aware of them. I am rarely surprised by my own weaknesses because I often reflect on them and wether it is worth spending any time to work on them.

How can I better show I value people?

People matter but showing them that is not always so easy.

How did I grow last week?

I love this question because if I don’t have an answer, I know I need to make a change. When I do have a good answer it reminds me that I am going in the right direction.

What Am I Excited for Next Week?

I am a very boring person so I need to build something into my week to look forward to or else I will pretty much just grind the whole time. I like to work but I still try to be excited for one specific thing each week.

What were my learning moments from the last week?

I like to list three moments that taught me something new. The first question is usually something very specific where as with this one I try and get more abstract. I think of random people I bump into or weird situations I observed.

Every Sunday, I have a repeating event in my phone that reminds me that I need to sit down for an hour and go through all of these questions. It has helped me out a lot! These questions combined with waking up at 3:10 AM makes sure I start everyday and week with a bang.

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