2017 Week 3 Computer Rankings

Who’s going to hate this, today?

The week 3 computer rankings have arrived. I was able to fulfill Chris’ request and get it in order from best to worst. Hopefully, now you will be able to read it, Chris.

This week the rankings started taking into account scoring consistency, and gave a little more weight to wins. Starting week 5, winning streak over the past 5 games will be taken into account. My quick hits are at the bottom.

Quick hits:

  • Consistency and more weight to wins both help out Matt by quite a lot. He is also a near guarantee to make the playoffs as of this week.
  • The same reasons that make Matt so high, are the reasons for why Max remains low in according to the formula.
  • The most surprising thing about this season so far is that Jamie could beat 4 other teams so far this season, and he still has a chance to make the playoffs (technically).
  • Even though Chris has the 3rd highest points per game, the experts are really not fans of his roster moving forward, contributing to him being in the 6th spot this week.