Off-Season Owner’s Meeting Results

This might be the first time everyone did something I wanted them to in a day. Congrats everybody, and thank you.

Before going into the results, I want to remind everyone that a motion only passed if 6/10 owners voted FOR it. This matters because there was actually a tie, preventing a motion from passing. This also matters because I realized that this introduces an issue with motions that had more than one potential answer. So HERE IS A SURPRISE: For motions with more than two answers, I am going to ask those questions again with the top two or three responses left. I am still trying to figure out what to do with ties for things that did not have a specific proposal. For some of the extra questions, those will be presented again so that the people that did not vote for the parent question (such as PPR) will have a chance to speak on the follow up. At the end of this story, the link for those questions will be provided.

Here are the results:

Should the league change its name from “Better Than Your Girlfriend”? — MOTION DENIED

Should Team Names be required to include the Owner’s Name in some way? — MOTION DENIED

Should we stay with MFL or move to a new website? — WAIT FOR MORE INFO


How much should the buy in be for next year? — ASK THE QUESTION AGAIN

Should we try a new payment method? — MOTION DENIED

Should there be a two week championship? — MOTION DENIED

Should the seeding for the playoffs be the top two seeds? — MOTION PASSED

Should we get rid of divisions? — MOTION PASSED

How should draft order be determined for non-playoff teams? — POTENTIAL/TOTAL POINTS

Should we have a rivalry week? — MOTION PASSED

Should we do PPR? If so, 0.5 or 1? — MOTION PASSED WITH 0.5 PPR

Should yardage be changed to account for each yard gained? — MOTION PASSED

Should we include quarterback hits as a stat? — MOTION PASSED

Were you satisfied with the defensive scoring this year? — YES

There were only two provided answers for specially scheduled weeks other than the rivalry week:

A betting week: Each team makes a bet with the guy they are playing. Doesn’t have to be money. Can be anything as long as they agree.

Schedule Crafting Idea: Create the schedule based off potential points from last season. Top two scorers play each other twice and so on.

I will accept other ideas pretty much throughout the off-season if anyone comes up with anymore. I’ll probably pose things like the betting week to the group at some point so we can all decide if we want them.

Here is the followup questionnaire:

I will post the results as soon as everyone answers.