Week 2 Power Rankings

AKA Who is gonna say my algorithm is bad

We all know the owners’ poll is biased. It is the inherent flaw of having people judging competition when they themselves are a competitor. That is why this league’s grand and glorious commissioner has taken it upon himself to come up with some computer power rankings based on a number of criteria. In order to head off some of the shade thrown my way, I’ll explain the process a little.

It’s a simple as that. I just need some encouragement.

There are three main areas I took into account when coming up with the ranking equation: record, scoring, and player rankings. Record is self-explanatory, I factor in the number of wins each team has. There’s a little more than just grabbing the points scored when looking at team scoring. I also look at the team’s outcome, basically how much is the team winning by, and also, once the season gets a little longer, I will look at scoring over the previous three weeks. This gives me an idea of which teams are trending up and which are getting worse in recent weeks. The player rankings data is taken from fantasypros, who aggregate a lot of rankings for me. I look at both starters, who fields the best team each week, and rankings by position. I do the position rankings because I believe that a team should be rewarded for having strong depth. I then rank each category individually and average it all together, which results in a power ranking score for each team, 1 being the best and 10 the worst possible scores. Keep in mind that these are scores, not rankings, so the team in first, could have 2.40 and the team in second could have 2.60. This tells me that they are very close but the team in first is just a bit better. With all of my mathy explaining out of the way let’s get down to the results. I’ll provide some observations about each team as I go and then some overall ones at the end.

1st — Shipoopi

Shipoopi matches last week owners’ poll and in comes in at number one. Even though he had a close win over Repossessed this week and only the third highest scoring total, the experts agreed that his team overall was the strongest in both starters and the bench. We will see in future weeks if the player rankings stay as high if it seems like his team starts to underperform.

2nd — Burger Tyme

Overachieving is the name of the game for Burger Tyme this week. After being voted fourth by the owners Seth’s team game out swinging and managed to have the best scoring week in the league. The reason the team is not first is due to only having an above average group of depth but not really impressing with the starters. There could be a bump for them considering how well they performed in week one.

3rd — Franchise 69

Franchise 69 also ends in the same spot as predicted, at number three. They had a good week winning, pretty handily. Matt’s team is in the opposite situation of Burger Tyme, having above average starters and middle of the pack backups. These two teams may very well switch places depending on how next week goes.

4th — Sherleeze

Sherleeze moved up a spot into fourth after their win this week. Helped by playing the worst team in the league (surprise it’s Jordan’s Team), Sherleeze at the largest score differential helping to put them in the top 5 even with what is considered to be a middle of the pack team by the experts.

5th (tied)— A-Ron the Conqueror

Winning matters in power rankings, which is how A-Ron the Conqueror finds themselves in tied for fifth. Having the eighth worst starters doesn’t matter too much when they still manage to put out wins. It is yet to be seen if the team manages to keep this rank.

5th (tied) — Repossessed

Another case of having score differential helping out, Repossessed lost a very close game to the number one ranked Shipoopi. Having the second best bench doesn’t hurt either when you are trying to crack the top five. Don’t be surprised to see Repossessed move up a spot or two in the coming weeks.

7th — Shaneia Twain

Here is the moment I have been waiting for since I started writing this article. Shane, you have my new address. I am out of salt and would love to have yours sent to me, it will taste delicious on my dinners for the next couple months. Shaneia Twain is here due to a loss and the worst score differential of the week, after having the best ranked starters. This will definitely change in the coming weeks so don’t get too comfortable seeing this team here.

8th — .

. had a rough first week with a loss. According to the experts, this team is just below average so they definitely have a chance to move up in the future. Not much else to say except typing out this team name is somehow extremely aggravating to me even though it is just a dot.

9th — Future Champs

Future champs had the second worst score differential and are also ranked second worst in both starters and depth by the experts. It seems that the only way to improve at the moment is to make moves on the wire or via trades for this team.

10th — Jordan’s Team

I can easily say no one is very surprised to find out which team is on the bottom. Somehow having by far the worst ranked starters and bench depth will result in a loss. It’s almost comforting in a way to have confirmation that the world does work as it’s supposed to sometimes. I envision this team being nothing more than a power rankings booster for whoever happens to being playing them in any given week.

General Observations

  • The top four teams are very close, separated by only 0.2 points per spot.
  • There was no perfect number one team this week. Everyone had a weakness in some area.
  • There will most likely be a lot of movement each week for some time as the teams start to settle and who is better and worse really becomes clearer.