Week 3 Power Rankings

Can I make anyone happy?

I have continued my quest to prove that math is much better at predicting things than us lowly humans. I can’t say it is perfected yet, but things did happen since last week. Teams went up and teams went down. And probably no one is happy about it except for me. I promise I did not do what you are about to see on purpose

1st — Burger Tyme (Last Week: 2)

Burger Tyme is the new number one. Being near the top of all categories helps this placing. It is worth noting that though this team is number one, they were only 0.2 points ahead of the teams tied for second. In an exclusive interview owner Seth Fackler gave his full endorsement of these rankings, “It’s always nice when numbers prove my greatness.”

Tied 2nd — Sherleeze (Last Week: 4)

Somehow Chris will be the angriest about these rankings even though he is in second place. Being second in scoring has put this upstart owner in a good position for now. It remains to be seen if stays here. According to the experts’ consensus this team is outperforming currently.

Tied 2nd — Repossessed (Last Week: 5)

After his continual rise to the top, it remains to be seen if owner John will change his name to something other than a reference to this show:

Why would you name a team after this show?

Look no further than this team to prove that rankings are not everything. Repossessed has had middle of the pack starters according to the experts and yet they lead the league in scoring. Who’s right? The experts or the lover of the truTV classic.

4th — Shipoopi (Last Week: 1)

Here lies the remains of the first number one team the B.Y.G League (get it?) has ever had. A close loss has dropped Shipoopi to number four. This does not mean his season is over. No one expects this receiving core to underperform week in and week out.

5th — Franchise 69 (Last Week: 3)

In order to make room for the two newcomers in the top 3, people had to drop. The other team to do that was Franchise 69. Being 1–1 but still having a positive outcome really helps. Also helps to have a top half line up according to the gurus.

6th — A-Ron the Conqueror (Last Week: 5)

Winning matters do the number crunching but that’s not the only thing. Even being undefeated A-Ron the Conquerors are the definition of an average team. Through the first two weeks, this team has scored an average of 0.6 points more than the average scoring of the league. If this league needed a baseline this team fits the definition.

7th — Shaneia Twain (Last Week: 7)

The hurt of losing to me still stings in the rankings. This team is on the up and up considering they won this week. Unfortunately, the outcome scoring for this team is still negative. I expect this to turn around in the coming weeks.

8th — Future Champs (Last Week: 9)

Future Champs are moving in the right direction. Being the best of the 0–2 teams is still being the best of something. It remains to be seen if this team will continue to improve or not.

9th — . (Last Week: 8)

If the season ended after two weeks, . would have the number one pick next year. Luckily for Jordan’s Team, that is not the case and the experts see this team improving at least marginally. Is Jamie a contender for the first 2017 pick?

10th — Jordan’s Team (Last Week: 10)

There isn’t too much to say that hasn’t already been said. I have a theory that Jordan happened upon this strategy after falling asleep on night listening to his muse: