Winners and Losers Week 2

A little explanation behind this series, since it seems like I’ll be doing this weekly: This is not fully based on points, or logic, or emotion, or any other one thing. It’s a mix, which means I could put one person in the winners one week, and then have him have a very similar week the next week, and not include him. If I had to guess, I would assume that more offensive players will be included in this list of winners and losers, because what they do, or fail to do, stands out more than some outside linebacker could do on any given week. A lot of it will be based on what I personally expected from the player, so if you see one of your players in the losers call him, or he’s missing from the winners call him and I think he should have been included, please don’t take it personally. Or do. If anything, I would love some comments about my article in terms of my analysis. I think it would be great if I included somebody has a loser, and you guys didn’t think he deserve to be on that list for some reason, and it opened up discussion about it. Also, I’m biased. If Joe Flacco has a very good week, I will probably be less surprised then if Alex Smith has a very good week.

Also, my Tuesday mornings are actually more open than my Monday mornings, so (since I know all of you were waiting with bated breath), I’ll probably start releasing this on Tuesday instead of Monday.

Without further adieu,


Future Champs: The desire to make a joke about him changing his name is strong here, but I’ll resist this time. And yes, I know he lost, but that’s just because Seth is changing the scoring as the commish. Dylan had, and more importantly, started the top two scorers in the league this week in Cam and Forte. After taking a pretty hard fall in the (6) owners’ poll from the preseason to week 1, expect a jump back up, especially if the rest of his squad can produce. He also has Le’veon coming back soon…

Stefon Diggs 24.00: Let’s list the wide receivers that Shane started over Diggs: Amari Cooper (6 points) Allen Robinson (5 points) Willie Snead (11 points) and Sammy Watkins (2 points). *Read the next two sentences in your personal Stephan A. Smith voice* Diggs scored more than all of these dudes combined! That is one bad dude! Back to reality: this guy looks like the real deal. If he can even average half of what he did this week with Sam Bradford throwing to him, I think we should put him in Canton by week 8. Will his production take a hit with AD out?

Travis Benjamin 23.00: Let’s list the wide receivers that Max started… Just kidding. Who the hell would start this guy over AB or Green? As if there was any question as to who has the best receiving core in the league, Benjamin’s enormous uptick in production will probably just cause Max an enormous headache when setting his lineups in the future. These bench points are about to get crazy!

Kelvin Benjamin and Corey Coleman 22.00: Jeez. Wide receivers showing up in a big way this week. There were, and still are, a decent amount of questions around these two heading into the season. Kelvin had a monster rookie campaign, but missing all of last year while watching the Panthers great run couldn’t have been easy. In terms of his fantasy game, some questioned whether Cam had found other favorites, or if Carolina being the most run heavy team in football would hurt his numbers. Coleman has a few issues as a fantasy player, and none of them are his fault. First, receiving rookies rarely produce at this high of a level this early into their career. Second, he plays in Cleveland. What I said about Diggs applies to Coleman as well. If any wide out can even put up moderate numbers with the ugliest jerseys in football on, that amazes me.


Anyone who was banking on the Giants/Saints game for fantasy purposes: There were 10 players started in our league from this game, and after last year’s shootout, one can see why. The average production from these players was 7.5 points. I… Don’t have anything else to say on the matter. Take it away, Eli:

Carlos Hyde 2.00: After putting up a 20 points week 1, putting him at 5th on the list of scoring for running backs, I expected more out of him this week. “But Matt, he was playing Carolina. You’re an idiot for starting him.” C’mon, I expected more than two out of him.

Antonio Brown and AJ Green 3.00 each: I already referenced this in the bit about Benjamin, but I have to revisit it here, because I can’t imagine I will be able to put them in this section for the rest of the year. I don’t think anyone saw this coming, especially because they were playing the worst defenses in the league… Or something close to that

Eddie Lacy 5 Randall Cobb 4: Lacy’s place on this list is more of a product of this first two weeks combined, plus the preseason hype heard about him. After two weeks, he has 12 fantasy points, and hasn’t blown anyone away. The same can be said for Cobb who had a down year last year, but mostly got a pass due to the fact that Jordy was out. Now that he’s back, Cobb… Still sucks. :(

Jordan’s Team: I know you have a different strategy for this year than the rest of the league, but I don’t think I could start four healthy players who scored a combined zero points if I tried. That’s almost impressive, actually.