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18 Paradox statements that everyone face but no one ever mention:

These Harsh truth sudden pop-up and put lives at stake.

If we want an outstanding life, soft skills could be the backbone for it. No one is mistake-proof; even the champion make more mistakes then losers.

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It’s up to us to choose where we need to embrace mistakes? Like a rigorous Spartans quote, Sweat more in training to bleed lesser in war. These paradoxes point out where is the best point to embrace pain or mistake forget a cherished life.

1. More you hate trait in someone else, the more chances you face avoid it by yourself.

2. People who don’t trust others always face cheat from others.

3. More You try to impress others. You lose your more impression.

4. The number of times you fail increases, the chances to be successful increases.

5. More you feel scared of something, the more crucial it to do it.

6. More fearful you are from death, the less you will be able to enjoy life.

7. The More you learn, the more you feel less How less you know.

8. If you show no care for others, You become careless about yourself.

9. More you focus on connection. You become isolation.

10. High-level failure fears to boost the chances of failure.

11. Hard you push yourself to achieve something, you feel tougher to achieve it.

12. The more available you’ve something, the desire to get it to become lesser.

13. More fearful and crystal clear about your defects, many People think you’re perfect.

14. More argument towards a point much pushes people away from your perspective.

15. More choices fuel your mind with a curiosity of less satisfaction.

16. If you’re right about the topic, more chances you know less about it.

17. The only and eternal certainty is that nothing is ever certain.

18. More effort to close with someone, likelihood to push away someone increases.



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