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Note from the editor

Betterism is all about personal development and intellectual growth. We want to create a better world by helping people create a better self. Great things will happen if you keep going. Trust the process and pass it on.

Go to the profile of Glen Binger
Glen Binger
Author/Teacher/Coach. Lifelong student. Beach kid. https://linktr.ee/bingbangbooks
Go to the profile of Glen Binger
Glen Binger
Author/Teacher/Coach. Lifelong student. Beach kid. https://linktr.ee/bingbangbooks
Go to the profile of Joseph A. Federico
Joseph A. Federico
Founder of Anchors To Dusk Publishing, LLC. Social Media Guru. Writing Coach. Publisher. #JoeFederico; #AnchorsPublishing; #AnchorsMedia; #HistoryGorgeous
Go to the profile of David J. Laxer
David J. Laxer
Founder @brandalism.org. I write about trends, brands and stuff that’s going on in the world
Go to the profile of Charles Postiaux
Charles Postiaux
Currently living in France. I decided to help the world and leave a legacy. Not only in business, but also in life.
Go to the profile of Belinda Tang
Belinda Tang
Philosopher at heart, and a young, sarcastic ABC by day (A stands for "Australia", mate) 🐨 Check out my series for a curated experience 💘
Go to the profile of Karen Lamadeleine
Karen Lamadeleine
Functional Health. Recovery. Personal development. Maximizing this precious time we have on earth!
Go to the profile of Chris Smith
Chris Smith
Writing productivity coach, behavioural science geek and co-founder @beprolifiko https://prolifiko.com/
Go to the profile of Dave Volpe
Dave Volpe
Philly native adrift in LA. Freelancer. Authored two books. Published on Thought Catalog. Pleasure to meet you!
Go to the profile of Wings of Karma
Wings of Karma
Inspired by the Wings of Karma but didn’t know what that meant till early 2018. Here to read, learn and let loose with all that spirals on in my mind…
Go to the profile of Pablo Carrillo
Go to the profile of Owen Banner
Owen Banner
Fully human characters, meaningful moral struggles, relationships at stake. Author of poetry and thrillers: https://owenbanner.com/
Go to the profile of Jackie Ann
Jackie Ann
Passionate writer who enjoys using the creative process as a means of self expression and self reflection. instagram.com/jacquelineann06
Go to the profile of Elisa Gabbert
Elisa Gabbert
Poet and essayist. Author of The Word Pretty, The Self Unstable and other books. On Twitter at @egabbert. More info at http://www.elisagabbert.com/
Go to the profile of Sean Merritt
Sean Merritt
Father, Husband, Writer, Student, Productivity and Self-Improvement Nut
Go to the profile of Mary Ann Alexander
Mary Ann Alexander
Now in Finland. Rather introverted, but garrulous when I type ;)…
Go to the profile of Angelique
A writer that refuses to make excuses. I’m passionate about taking 100% responsibility for my life, and creating it from the inside out. Visit www.angienoll.com
Go to the profile of Andrew Spence
Andrew Spence
Passionate about making work better. I work at the intersection of org change, HR & tech. MSc in Cognitive Science and #AI #Blockchain #FutureOfWork
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Go to the profile of Erika Chaudhary
Erika Chaudhary
I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary
Go to the profile of Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones
📚 I write books and tell Dad Jokes 🎗️ Mental Health Activist 🎙 Storyteller, Speaker, Regular Human 📖 http://amazon.com/author/ryanwjones
Go to the profile of Barbara Brooks
Barbara Brooks
55+++ word nerd, badass single mom on scooter. Owning my confusion and desire at http://www.hackingawayathappiness.com
Go to the profile of Jerry Kolber
Jerry Kolber
Science communicator. Meditator. Writer. CEO. Emmy nominated show runner (Brain Games).
Go to the profile of Shreya
Lover of words. Collector of Thoughts. Cynical AF. Published in Lit Up & Thought Catalog.
Go to the profile of Lee Tuddenham
Lee Tuddenham
Husband, nurse, car lover, wannabe writer and serial dabbler in all things self-development. Also, huge dog enthusiast.
Go to the profile of KB
During the day I make digital strategy for a MNC & rest of the time I make my dreams come true. Founder & Editor of https://clicksdaily.in/
Go to the profile of Rosie Haft
Rosie Haft
Founder of @Lumenora. Technologist, humanitarian, truth seeker and believe in the human potential.
Go to the profile of Ali Shearman
Ali Shearman
📚Currently writing a sci-fi novel📚I'm a geologist who writes about green living, writing, & travel - for the realist ~•~ www.discoveringthemuch.com
Go to the profile of sander pleij
sander pleij
Blending #literature #art #tech #future #architecture #philosophy
Go to the profile of Ari Yeganeh
Ari Yeganeh
Student of life
Go to the profile of Corey McComb
Corey McComb
I write about (re)connecting, getting creative, and staying human in the new world🦄 https://www.coreymccomb.com/newsletter
Go to the profile of Kieran Andrew Can ☀️
Kieran Andrew Can ☀️
/// Word wanderer. World wonderer.
Go to the profile of Maria Tiaka
Maria Tiaka
Artists must act on a whim, or not at all. Art is my shelter and my voice. Creator of the Passion and Wanderlust blog.https://passionandwanderlust.wordpress.com
Go to the profile of Richard K. Yu
Richard K. Yu
Vandy '17. Analysis, opinion, and commentary | Contrarian | use richard.k.yu@vanderbilt.edu or mention me to talk!
Go to the profile of Henry Latham
Henry Latham
Author of ‘Why Your Startup is Failing’, now available for pre-order: pszr.co/CogsC | Product | Thrive Global, Guardian, UX Planet, etc.
Go to the profile of Khiem Pham
Khiem Pham
Turning complexity into simple matter.
Go to the profile of Ascencia Fike
Ascencia Fike
I only need my laptop, yoga mat, and food. ascenciafike.com Reach me at fike.komala@gmail.com or twitter: @ascenciaFK
Go to the profile of April M
April M
Canadian, yoga & pilates instructor, anatomy, tattoos, dogs, curious mind, observer, introvert, discovering the positive aspects, inspiring others.
Go to the profile of Bogdan Dehelean
Bogdan Dehelean
Out of the ordinary is not extraordinary but one true self. I write to learn, inprove and motivate. I write for a few and hope to help one.
Go to the profile of David Cutler
David Cutler
A high school history and journalism teacher from Massachusetts.
Go to the profile of Isaac Munguia
Isaac Munguia
I'm an industrial engineer, web developer and maker of RemoteList.pw
Go to the profile of Saul Pal
Saul Pal
Dreamy Eyed Pragmatist
Go to the profile of Crystal Nicholls
Crystal Nicholls
I dance and perform in London's West End. I write about wellness, culture and life. Follow my blog at https://bajaninbritain.com/
Go to the profile of Chris Statham
Chris Statham
Entrepreneur, consultant, student, pie eater, father, novelist, traveller, poet wannabe, pub visitor, husband, rugby enthusiast and part-time wizard.
Go to the profile of Mary Jo Campbell
Mary Jo Campbell
Raising 2 teen boys, 2 dogs + 1 husband while consuming coffee + distributing sass. Inspiring the next generation of writers at https://www.writelikecrazy.com/!
Go to the profile of Paul Scott Jr
Paul Scott Jr
Human. Father. Navy veteran. Author.
Go to the profile of Crystal Camarao
Crystal Camarao
digital marketer + maker http://crystal.ph
Go to the profile of John Schaefer
Go to the profile of Lucy King
Lucy King
Exploring the intersection of mind, spirit and creativity. My secret is to walk or run 10K steps daily (^_^♪)
Go to the profile of Ann-Sophie Morrissette
Ann-Sophie Morrissette
Feminism, body positivity, and forever asking "What Would RiRi Do"?
Go to the profile of Evie Gold
Evie Gold
Writer of personal essays. A sushi connoisseur. A nomad. www.eviegold.com
Go to the profile of Elle Fredine
Elle Fredine
West-Coaster, born and bred; northerner at heart; writing online since 2008; fiction, poetry, humor, and articles on feminism, writing, relationships and love
Go to the profile of Rikin Shah
Rikin Shah
Adventurer, Community Builder, and Entrepreneur — www.RikinShah.com
Go to the profile of #pbordan
Reader, Writer, Thinker | Strategist, Economist, Manager Financial Mgmt. |Blogger www.palmabordan.com
Go to the profile of Zachary Tan
Zachary Tan
23, SG, I write Email Copy
Go to the profile of Jo Ann Harris
Jo Ann Harris
Love writing about my personal ideas and helping others with life issues. Writer for Dead Poets Live, Creative Humans and Poems from the Heart. Write everyday.
Go to the profile of Camila Beaumord
Camila Beaumord
Founder/Curator of Creatheory.com, a publication that showcases the professionals and entrepreneurs that move the creative industry.
Go to the profile of Toke Nygaard
Toke Nygaard
Chief Creative Officer at Zendesk. Ex-founder and creative director at Cuban Council, founder of K10k. I favor flødeboller over s'mores. Midtjylland for life.
Go to the profile of Bruce Flow
Bruce Flow
Polymath by calling. Software developer by profession. Student of the mind by nature.
Go to the profile of Franka Grubisic
Franka Grubisic
Junior Service Designer. Young experience and geo designer. Sustainability advocate. I like FOSS, art, games and design. My day starts after coffee.
Go to the profile of Steve May
Steve May
is a producer/writer/director and actor and a deliverer of personal development initiatives - YOU Are Your Story. www.stephen-may.com
Go to the profile of Veronika Kovacs
Veronika Kovacs
Life-coach in training, fitness enthusiast, part-time blogger and lover of all things weird and wonderful. Follow me here: www.bethatcat.com
Go to the profile of Emma & Hope
Emma & Hope
clinical psychologists / hopeful storytellers / worldian aliens ^.^ / we believe to show people how the world is a beautiful place!
Go to the profile of Moshe Forman
Moshe Forman
When I’m not a poet, novelist, or writer of short stories, I’m a writer of creative non-fiction exploring Self, Food, Society and History. www.mosheforman.com
Go to the profile of Daniel Whalen
Daniel Whalen
My commitment is to honor all people. | danieljwhalen1@gmail.com |
Go to the profile of Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh
Dreamer, Writer, Pianist and Coder
Go to the profile of NJI PHILEMON NGANG
A writer and coach who has the ultimate goal to see others get better and be very productive in what they do. Join my mailing list here https://bit.ly/2AgDLPE
Go to the profile of Mateen Manek
Mateen Manek
An English teacher who loves writing, music, poetry, the dramatic arts, and nerding out to just so many things.
Go to the profile of Evan Pease
Evan Pease
WTF average per day is 42 which coincidentally is also the meaning of life. Avatar by Luz Tapia.
Go to the profile of Kelly Carmichael
Kelly Carmichael
Social worker, yoga instructor, & writer inspiring others to live authentically and chase their passions. Back in the States after living abroad in Iceland.
Go to the profile of Andreea Serb
Andreea Serb
Co-Founder @ www.growthtalk.co — Join the zero-waste knowledge revolution! ✍🏻 📚 🌏 Content Strategist | Relentless Learner | Opinionated With a Cause
Go to the profile of Brittany Valentine
Brittany Valentine
introvert, poet, self love enthusiast, mental health advocate, human rights activist, bibliophile, Netflix addict
Go to the profile of Anna Rozwadowska
Anna Rozwadowska
Top Writer in Poetry, editor of Literally Literary. I am a writer, photographer, psychic, medium, and spiritual guide.I have an M.A. in Environmental Sociology.
Go to the profile of Jess Eddy
Jess Eddy
Digital product designer. I write about design, teamwork and exercise. Currently in Sydney, AUS.
Go to the profile of Dima Goldenberg
Dima Goldenberg
Data Scientist @ Booking.com | Researcher @ BigDataLab TAU
Go to the profile of Jill Klunk
Jill Klunk
Best selling author, network & attraction marketer, working with the 60+ audience in helping them embrace their lives and live a robust lifestyle.
Go to the profile of Alan George Mehmet
Go to the profile of Tangela Serls
Tangela Serls
Tangela Serls is a researcher and professor based in Tampa, Florida who specializes in English/Literary Studies.
Go to the profile of Kristina H
Kristina H
Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler
Go to the profile of Hariharan Nallasamy
Hariharan Nallasamy
A lifetime positive thinker and writer. Download my free guide to manifest your desires using affirmations here: http://bit.ly/2zh0nOf
Go to the profile of Katarina Karmazinova
Katarina Karmazinova
Writer. Founder of STORY DONE writing retreats led by published writers & free feedback on your work at www.storydone.com & www.facebook.com/groups/storydone/
Go to the profile of Ja’Kari
Inspiring Others To Be Great One Post At A time. 📌 Dare To Be Different 💡 Email:marsean.s@yahoo.com Instagram:@jakariblogs
Go to the profile of Shreyash Prashu
Shreyash Prashu
Engineer-content writer-Learner :)
Go to the profile of Emma Dewhurst
Emma Dewhurst
Actress — Arts Practitioner — Mother — Founder & former editor, Wow Kent magazine — Writing what I need to learn @EmmaDewhurst7
Go to the profile of Y J N
Movie / Film Product Placement. Celebrity Endorsements. Aspiring Miami based Novelist.
Go to the profile of The REality Blog
The REality Blog
Lifestyle Blog !
Go to the profile of Justin Norman
Justin Norman
Lifelong learner (& unlearner), American expat in Johannesburg, writing about my intellectual & cultural journey, shipping my work @ justnorm.com
Go to the profile of Richie Crowley
Richie Crowley
Biking Across America July 20th — Oct 10th | Documenting The Daily Aventures Here On Medium | Join Or Donate @ https://www.veestro.com/pages/the-wellness-ride
Go to the profile of Brittany Denis
Brittany Denis
Physical therapist navigating life on a farm. With coffee in hand. Enhancing health through movement at https://www.advancedbalance.org/
Go to the profile of Petra Ivanigova
Petra Ivanigova
I write about self improvement, travel and technology. http://pragueinfourseasons.com
Go to the profile of Haritha Bharath
Go to the profile of Kunal Kumar
Kunal Kumar
A software developer that doesn’t only write code
Go to the profile of Heather Fox
Heather Fox
A Woman in motion, manifesting a life of passion. Non-Fiction Writer and Memoir Enthusiast.
Go to the profile of Shea Lyons
Shea Lyons
I’m a seeker. I ache to know things big and small. Nothing beats 10 hours of sleep, meeting a stranger, or telling stories. http://www.mylittlebylittle.com
Go to the profile of Abdul Gazi
Abdul Gazi
Enthusiastic student, average writer and an entrepreneur in making.
Go to the profile of Bharat Sharma
Bharat Sharma
Putting Perspective Into Words
Go to the profile of Dave Park
Dave Park
Writer trapped in the daily grind of an IT Pro, parent to two boys, who seem to grow daily both physically and mentally. www.bydavepark.com
Go to the profile of Venus Nautiyal
Venus Nautiyal
Monthly Blogs | Snr Tech QA Engineer | Passionate about art, travelling and spreading compassionate behaviour.
Go to the profile of Kirsten Telan
Kirsten Telan
inspiring others through the Confetti Effect to spread kindness like confetti, traveler, reader, hiker, encourager, blogger, credo, growth mindset learner🙌🏻✨
Go to the profile of Lea Lumi’ere
Lea Lumi’ere
gallery of poetic saliva // Olive Rain poetry collection // instagram @lealumiere
Go to the profile of Christopher Boswell
Christopher Boswell
Published Creator | Photographer | Writer | Arranging text & pixs for fun. Writer/Editor @19 Publications. Creativity saved my life ~ www.RealWindowCreative.com
Go to the profile of ConsciousEd.org
Stuff you don’t learn in school: https://conscioused.org/about/
Go to the profile of Simon Black
Simon Black
This is not the Simon Black that you know. This is a different Simon Black. He does not work in your organization or live in your city.
Go to the profile of Lauren Jones
Lauren Jones
Just a student, writer and sleep enthusiast looking to share my mumblings with you...
Go to the profile of Max Sakiewicz
Max Sakiewicz
Entrepreneur. Writer. Thinker. Writer for The Rebel Daily, The Ascent, Publishious, Writers Guild, Betterism and more.
Go to the profile of Boris Crevin
Boris Crevin
As an anthropologist, my job is to discover our deep mechanisms in order to use them to our advantage.
Go to the profile of Bradley Allen
Bradley Allen
Freelance writer, photographer and pizza enthusiast. No pineapple. Twitter- @ballen_91 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/bradley_allen_photography
Go to the profile of Heiko Spark
Heiko Spark
The curious German. Trying to figure out life, make friends and find joy in this world. Also vegan AF, healthy living and on my way to financial freedom.
Go to the profile of Ferenc Papp
Ferenc Papp
Psychology enthusiast Scrum Master and wannabe Life Coach
Go to the profile of d28
Go to the profile of Oum EK
Oum EK
I live. I learn. I write about it, people find it inspiring. Spirituality & Growth blogger/novelist. Founder of Madu Retreats. www.instagram.com/oumwonders
Go to the profile of Tamara Leigh
Tamara Leigh
Creative aspirant who loves to find Synchronicity and Cosmic validation through her mediums. Nerdy for Learning! See more www.sensual-mystic.com
Go to the profile of Nikita Mélusine
Nikita Mélusine
Fiction/creative nonfiction writer. Montreal-based, with stories collected around the world. Lives adventurously between periods of creative isolation.
Go to the profile of Roamy.
Unapologetically, endlessly, curious. @RoamyWrites on Twitter
Go to the profile of Lucas Moyer
Lucas Moyer
I strive to wake up everyday and pursue what I find most interesting. Writer for The Startup. Owner of The Koi Life medium.com/lucas-moyer
Go to the profile of mohammedshazeb khan
mohammedshazeb khan
》The intelligent , plan. The wise , improvise《
Go to the profile of Ambreen Sajjad
Ambreen Sajjad
I am a professional content writer and contributor of numerous publications. I love to read, and create different newsworthy blogs and opinions.
Go to the profile of Angela
Storyteller | Lifelong Learner | Travelling Enthusiast
Go to the profile of Lindsey Christine
Lindsey Christine
writer / traveler / earth & ocean guardian / jiu-jiteiro / french-press coffee and french pastry lover…wordrescueco.com
Go to the profile of itsaprilweiss
Exploring the world around 🧘‍♀️
Go to the profile of Anna Klawitter
Anna Klawitter
www.developingworth.com Take control of who you are and know why it matters.
Go to the profile of Roshni Tharian
Go to the profile of Unmaskd
Go to the profile of Jolita Arnaudova
Jolita Arnaudova
22 | female | into coding, reading, writing, daydreaming, creating, empowerment
Go to the profile of Daksh Dhillon
Daksh Dhillon
Media Student | Performance and Motivation Junkie | Tech Lover | Bibliophile | In a love marriage with writing :)
Go to the profile of Ronnie
Aspiring fiction writer, developer, lifelong student, seeker of meaning.
Go to the profile of Sam Dobedoe
Sam Dobedoe
I write what I love & I love to write all that I hate. British. Samdobedoe@outlook.com
Go to the profile of Ahmad ElAmine
Ahmad ElAmine
Computer and Communications Engineer | Research: wireless comm, game theory, optimization, antenna design | Lifetime Learner | linkedin.com/in/aaelamine
Go to the profile of Joel Elveson
Go to the profile of Nicholas Hoffs
Go to the profile of Andrew Briley
Go to the profile of Mirnalni Setia
Mirnalni Setia
// Be kind, be wise. // Probably in a coffee shop writing my heart away with Chopin’s Concertos playing through my headphones. //
Go to the profile of Merrick Tull-johnson
Go to the profile of Dave Roberts
Dave Roberts
Adjunct professor of psychology-Utica College. Past HuffPost contributor. Writes primarily about growth after grief and loss www.bootsyandangel.com
Go to the profile of Noellin Imoh
Noellin Imoh
Mastering the act of Writing Fiction, Non-fiction & Film scripts. I also Occasional write about Life, Productivity, Women, Life Lessons etc.
Go to the profile of Sadia Rizwan
Sadia Rizwan
Sadia Rizwan is a content writer, working with Renovaten. Sadia has a passion for helping people in all aspect of home improvement.
Go to the profile of Nikhil Sapkota
Nikhil Sapkota
Polymath | Serial Entrepreneur | Fortune 500 Tech Consultant | Artist | Truth Seeker | Traveler
Go to the profile of BstaR
Introvert, Athlete, Bio-chemistry graduate, doing masters in CS, life long learner… I write on life, experience, software development, specially JavaScript.
Go to the profile of Cheryl Lee
Cheryl Lee
Part-time baby elephant hugger. IG: @sojournature
Go to the profile of Rebeca Ansar
Rebeca Ansar
Exploring the human condition through writing | Hyphenated American |Intersectional Feminist | rebecaansar.com
Go to the profile of Sali Elagab
Go to the profile of Drake Weissman
Drake Weissman
Aspiring entrepreneur, using Medium to process the things I learn
Go to the profile of Julian A.
Julian A.
A creator at heart, a critic in mind.
Go to the profile of Antoria Lynch
Antoria Lynch
21. Trinidad and Tobago. Mental health advocate. Aspiring teacher and creative. I write to help, in whatever way I can.
Go to the profile of Lincoln Bleveans
Lincoln Bleveans
Lincoln Bleveans has been a leader in the global power industry for 25 years. He is currently an executive at a municipal utility in Southern California.
Go to the profile of Nichee Kay
Nichee Kay
LifeStylist🤟| Entrepreneur 🕯 | Writer 📝: I help people attain Style🤩, Authenticity💯 & Self-love❤️.
Go to the profile of Abi Khait
Abi Khait
Fashion Enthusiast. Shoe Lover. Owner/Writer https://medium.com/all-things-fashion-fun my blog → https://www.updateyourstyle.com/
Go to the profile of Rohia Munavar
Rohia Munavar
A twenty-something Writer/ Inbound Marketer at Engagedly. Follow for thoughtful content on various aspects like feminism, writing tips, daily inspiration, HR
Go to the profile of Sophia Tepe
Go to the profile of Gregory Williamson
Go to the profile of mark sagato
Go to the profile of WiseJD
Storyteller, poet, music junkie and lover of the culinary arts.
Go to the profile of Packaged Positivity
Packaged Positivity
What are the blind spots in our personal lives due to the influences of systemic cultural phenomenon?
Go to the profile of Lee Serpa Azevado
Lee Serpa Azevado
Scribbler of stuff, psych nurse; mental health(y), humo(u)r, politic(k)s and other such stuff. leeazevado@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Seeds of Peace
Seeds of Peace
We inspire and equip new generations of leaders from regions of conflict with the relationships, understanding, and skills needed to advance peace.
Go to the profile of Marilyn McNeal
Marilyn McNeal
Chantmagick is a California based artist using music and video to explore our connection to nature. https://chantmagick.com/
Go to the profile of Yusuf Khaled
Go to the profile of Patrick Goldman
Patrick Goldman
History Nerd. Political Analyst. Foreign Policy and International Security Professional. Writer. Trying to make the world a safer and better place.
Go to the profile of mohamed barami
mohamed barami
I write about money.
Go to the profile of Leo Serafico
Leo Serafico
BA in Diplomacy┃ Writer ┃ Editor┃ Existentialist
Go to the profile of Dan Shilov
Dan Shilov
Passionate about continuous learning and setting designers up for success, designer at Instacart, CMU MHCI grad
Go to the profile of Wong Zi Shuen
Wong Zi Shuen
‘Inspination’ — inspiring you to chase your dreams and pursue your ideal life, by sharing the most important knowledge you need to achieve them.
Go to the profile of Joey Wakeman
Joey Wakeman
I‘m a self-experimenter and I write to share my experiences with you. Nutrition-Psychology-Politics
Go to the profile of Katie Clear
Katie Clear
I want to teach myself and others how to be real people again. Happiness tracking app: katieclear.com/course
Go to the profile of Moirah Isabelo
Moirah Isabelo
A proud work in progress; I love to write things I wish I’d been able to read.
Go to the profile of Jeffrey Fermin
Jeffrey Fermin
Aspiring renaissance man. Currently the Director of Digital Marketing @AskVedia & @RawShorts. Former: Co-founder of @Officevibe.
Go to the profile of Deborah Harmes
Deborah Harmes
Writer, Editor, Researcher, Photographer. Deborah Harmes, Ph.D. Australian citizen, EU resident, chronic insomniac, writing in British-English.
Go to the profile of Jon Lye
Jon Lye
Freelance writer aiming to bring parenting and special needs child closer to you, and us
Go to the profile of Kyle Berger
Kyle Berger
As a young entrepreneur, my mission is to impact the world with moral values that positively affect people’s lives. Email me: askkyletheequation@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Jerrinagracelyn
Go to the profile of Justin Deming
Justin Deming
Husband / Father / Teacher / Writer / Check out my published work: http://jdemingwriting.home.blog
Go to the profile of Christopher Bellkirk
Christopher Bellkirk
Writer, blogger. Maker of ‘pointable things’. Exploring creativity, motivation and change. Currently in Central Asia.
Go to the profile of Bell Kirkpatrick
Go to the profile of Trisha Malhotra
Go to the profile of Abigail Tsai
Abigail Tsai
Hello, I am an aspiring professional violinist. I hope to inform and inspire.
Go to the profile of EvinceDev
EvinceDev is a globally integrated IT Consulting & Full-Stack development agency disrupting the market with years of advanced experience. https://evincedev.com/
Go to the profile of Maithili Dhule
Maithili Dhule
Dreamer, Writer, Content Creator. Exploring poetry through experiences. Believes that Life may be a Simulation. Trying to discover the Flow State.
Go to the profile of Intesar Jawad
Intesar Jawad
Join Intesar Jawad, a pretty average boy, on his passionate pursuit of Greatness @ https://www.theintesarjawadblog.com
Go to the profile of R. Justin Freeman
R. Justin Freeman
American ex-pat in Yukon Territory, starting small farm as a SaH dad. Founded a nonprofit. Former police officer (not that kind). Former pastor (not that kind).
Go to the profile of Dr. William Seeds
Dr. William Seeds
Board-certified orthopedic surgeon and physician, with over 22 years of experience, specializing in all aspects of sports medicine and total joint treatments
Go to the profile of Akshay Jani
Akshay Jani
A full-time passionate learner and a part-time blogger who likes to write about mysteries and conspiracies
Go to the profile of Renee Kapuku Ed.M.
Renee Kapuku Ed.M.
Working at the intersection of education, politics, philosophy and technology. Story-teller, poet and foodie. Oxford/Harvard grad. http://linktr.ee/reneekapuku
Go to the profile of Dena Standley
Dena Standley
I made a choice some time ago to leave the traditional workforce to raise my children. Now I am writing, learning and loving the journey.